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P.A.C.T. Now Working With Chris Rufo’s “Stop Critical Race Theory” Legal Coalition Initiative!

P.A.C.T. NOW WORKING WITH CHRIS RUFO’S “STOP CRITICAL RACE THEORY” LEGAL COALITION INITIATIVE! P.A.C.T. is very thrilled to announce that we will be working with Chris Rufo to help support and drive his newly launched “Stop Critical Race Theory” Legal Coalition! Critical Race Theory (CRT) can be a complicated and confusing ideology to understand let alone fight. There is nothing

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Chris Rufo Launches “Stop Critical Race Theory” Legal Coalition!

CHRIS RUFO LAUNCHES “STOP CRITICAL RACE THEORY” LEGAL COALITION! Chris Rufo: On 1/20/21, President Biden rescinded the Trump executive order banning critical race theory training programs from the federal government. Critical race theory is a grave threat to the American way of life. It divides Americans by race and traffics in the pernicious concepts of race essentialism, racial stereotyping, and

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