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PACT Calls for Loudoun County Voters to Reject Giving LCPS Another Damn Dime, Vote NO

Does LCPS need more money? Sure what school district doesn’t. However, what other school district has been embroiled in scandal, after scandal, after scandal, LCPS of course. They lie, hide, cheat and the last thing we need is to contribute to this, not until there is accountability, full accountability. Do we really need to spend $135M for the design or

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Loudoun schools superintendent: we ‘failed’ to provide safe environment after assaults

Channel 7 WJLA News: Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler responded Friday after parents were outraged with how the schools handled reports of two sexual assaults inside schools. In a statement, Ziegler said although the schools complied with obligations under Title IX about how schools must investigate allegations of sexual harassment and assault in schools so it equally protects

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PACT In Bannons War Room: Obama Era Policy Causing Dangerous Destruction In Public Schools

PACT joins Steve Bannon on Bannons War Room to discuss: Moving beyond the general CRT topic into the actual material that is manifesting itself into our kids classrooms and minds (Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Second Step, and Panorama) Parkland school shooting and the (2) rapes in Loudoun County Schools and what their policies have in common Recalls no longe the

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LCPS Stone Bridge HS Tim Flynn and His Questionable Emails (more than one)

In all fairness, I know that the Stone Bridge HS principal, Tim Flynn is not the only LCPS principal that has a problem with the truth but this post isn’t about the other principals. Given his track record and false statements regarding the student raped in his school in May 2021, Stone Bridge parents received (4) additional suspect emails in

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LCPS SB Meeting 6/22/21 Ziegler Lying & Asia Jones Signaling When Asked About Assaults in LCPS (video)

There’s been A LOT of news surrounding the rape of (2) LCPS students. There’s also been a few videos of the LCPS SB saying kids safety isn’t of concern. However, we looked at this 1:28 video and there is much more. In the video, Barts asks Ziegler “Do we have assaults in our bathrooms & locker rooms regularly?” To which

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PACT is Requesting that the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department Conduct a County Wide Investigation Into ALL LCPS Admin, Schools and Principals

LCPS Schools and Principals The LCPS Superintendent, School Board, Stone Bridge Principal, Broad Run Principal, and the Riverbend MS Principal have all lied, been deceptive, sneaky, shady, and acted in a criminal manner with all of the sexual assaults, rapes and threats of rape. I think it’s fair to say it is massive corruption and a pattern of a sick

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