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9/17/21: LCPS School Board Member, Atoosa Reaser Encourages Public to Vote for Democrats from Official LCPS Account

How can LCPS School Board member, Atoosa Reaser be expected to vote fairly on Leslie King’s replacement in the Broad Run District? She can vote for whoever she wants, however, to encourage the public to vote for ALL Democrats seems a bit biased to me. Didn’t Barts recently say the board is not political?

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9/17/21: LCPS SB Board Member, Beth Barts Recalls June 22, 2021 Meeting and Being Whisked Into the LCPS “Safe Room”. Are You Fricken Kidding Me?

“It was difficult for me to move beyond those fears and trust that what happened that night would not happen again. I keep going back in my mind to calling my mom from our safe room letting her know I was ok. Assuring her and my husband an officer was right outside the door.”

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9/16/21: PACT Collaborating with Daily Wire Host Matt Walsh on 9/28/21 LCPS Admin Building 5pm!

Personally, I find it hilarious that both Atoosa Reaser and Beth Barts were “triggered” by the ad that ran during the Redskins game on Sunday! A few days later, Atoosa puts out an SOS for money to “push back” against the truth of LCPS and the School Board that we have been exposing and the media has been highlighting for

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