LCPS: Demographics Dashboard

LCPS has a “School Profile Dashboard” available that provides a lot of good insight that many people may not be familiar with. Again, this is ALL LCPS provided data. Below (starting from the top) is the total LCPS Student Enrollment by HS, MS, ES and AOL by Ethnicity, since that’s what Equity Man, the Equity Gang, BLM and the NAACP are focused on and flipping our educational system upside over. A few observations:

  • For almost (2) years the NAACP has been crying about the “unequal” number of black students enrolled at AOL (Academies of Loudoun). I believe even making the claim that there were only (5) black students attending AOL. Well, truth be told, there are (99) black students or enrolled at AOL, which accounts for 4.9% of the total AOL student population. The average of black students enrolled at HS, MS & ES is 7.1%, so a delta of 2.2%.
    • Just so we’re clear, the NAACP has disrupted the admission and enrollment process at AOL, and LCPS has obliged, which has impacted the rest of the student population for 2.2%, which is below the average black student enrollment (HS, MS, ES) of 7.1%. A “C” or better is now the new standard. Keep in mind that there is NO option for a student to provide their ethnicity, race or any other social justice terminology that indicates what the student looks like.
    • How about this? How about the NAACP work with LCPS within the black communities to increase the black student enrollment numbers at AOL versus condemning the entire school system, process, teachers and students as racists or white supremacists?
    • Let’s quit the victimhood routine huh? We’re all equal and there are many more people, of all races and backgrounds, that are much smarter than the NAACP that recognizes their motives for what they are, flagrantly dishonest, unjust to black students, racist and self serving. Get with it, we’re in this together and YOU are the ones that are creating racial strife where none existed.
  • Why in the hell is Equity Man and the Equity Gang throwing common sense out the window for CRT? Either they are sissy’s and are afraid to push back and have an honest discussion, they’re all devout Marxist OR they truly have no clue what CRT is all about. Each and everyone Board member is being played and our kids education is suffering as a result of you educational malpractice. Equity Man is acting as the Puppet Master. Well done you.

LCPS Student Enrollment by Ethnicity for 2020/2021

LCPS Student Enrollment by HS, MS, ES & AOL and Ethnicity for 2020/2021

LCPS HS: Student Enrollment by Ethnicity 2020/2021

LCPS MS: Student Enrollment by Ethnicity 2020/2021

LCPS ES: Student Enrollment by Ethnicity 2020/2021

LCPS AOL: Student Enrollment by Ethnicity 2020/2021