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6/29/21: New College Bound Student Discovers NAACP “Insurance Policy” to Ensure John Beatty Was Removed

A recent HS grad and college bound student who studies the US Constitution, Politics, and has a passion for objective writing is now writing OBJECTIVE articles for PACT on a variety of topics related to LCPS and CRT. On 6/24/21 he posted an article titled “Brenda Sheridan of LCPS School Board Colludes with NAACP and Loudoun Democrats to Target Board

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6/29/21: LCPS Partner “Racial Equity Tools” Transforming White Privilege Virtual Modules Discounted 20% Today!

Today is 6/29/21 and I am sending out one of the stupidest posts imaginable. Loudoun County Public Schools Equity Partner, Racial Equity Tools is offering a 20% discount for courses on Transforming White Privilege. Personally, I’m offended that the discount is so high. When a school system or anyone else supports and promotes this garbage they are advocating for Critical

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6/29/21: LCPS CRT “Educational Material” Flying WAY Under the Radar. Parents, Eyes Wide Open on This One

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more sneaky here in LCPS and around the country. Meet “Teachers Pay Teachers“. Thanks to this radical group, thousands of lesson plans designed to instill students with a gender-fluid, racist, anti-American ideology are available for review, a site allowing teachers to sell and share educational programs. They even have lesson plans targeting special

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6/28/21: 6/28/21: Virginia High School League (VHSL) Demands LCPS Adopt Policy 8040 or No Sports (video)

Virginia High School League (VHSL) Demands LCPS Adopt Policy 8040 or No Sports. That’s right, VHSL’s (high school sports in VA) transgendered policies SUPERSEDES LCPS Policy 8040 regarding trans students. VHSL has been working on their trans policy since 2014. Simply put, LCPS must adopt VHSL’s transgendered student policy or there will be NO high school sports for LCPS students

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6/28/21: What Does the NAACP National (10) Point Educational Agenda Look Like to Take Over School Systems Nationwide?

While the NAACP’s National (10) Point Educational Agenda below has Loudoun County Public Schools “Action Items” underneath or beside the agenda item, each agenda item has been provided to all 2,000+ NAACP chapters nationwide, including Loudoun County. This is a blueprint for how the NAACP intends to take over the educational system nationwide. First, watch and listen for yourself as

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6/27/21: New organization launches $1 million campaign to fight critical race theory in schools

The despicable movement propagating hate-filled critical race theory in schools is now getting pushback from a new education organization that has had enough. (Article by Joseph Vazquez republished from The Free to Learn Coalition (FLC) is “joining the fight against critical race theory (CRT), launching Thursday with over $1 million in ads,” according to Fox News. The ads will reportedly be launched on national cable networks

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