Youngkin/Guidera Petition: VA Constituents, Please Sign This Petition With The Hope We Will Get Answers From Our New Sec. of Ed.

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Concerned voters from Northern Virginia have been meeting and discussing various ideas on how we might be able to get Governor Elect Youngkin, his Secretary of Education pick, Aimee Guidera, Aliscia Andrews or Devin O’Malley to answer/address a series of concerning questions. We landed on a petition.

We do not think that any of the questions are unfair or “gotcha” types of questions, rather pointed questions that we as voters, and parents would very much like for them to address. Please consider signing the petition with the hope that we may be able to get some concerns addressed by the incoming Virginia Administration.

Dear Governor-Elect Youngkin,

We are citizens who worked very hard to elect you to office. We are concerned about your nomination of Ms. Guidera to one of the most important appointed positions in Virginia Government. We believe Education largely decides the future of our Commonwealth and our Country. Clearly Ms. Guidera is very accomplished.

Why are we concerned? According to a report from the Daily Wire, Ms. Guidera’s company, Data Quality Campaign (DQC) from 2003-2018 took grants from the globalist Gates foundation of more than $26M. She took grants from and is a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow and collaborates with a collage of race identity-equity (= outcomes) pursuing-globalist non-profitsIn 2017 she supported a Maryland commission on restorative practices and ending the “school-to-prison pipeline.

From the website of DQC (her company until 2018): “It is not enough to collect education and workforce data—it must be used to inform decision making that fosters equitable education outcomes and life-sustaining careers (emphasis added).”  This is consistent with Ms. Guidera other associations.This statement and her advocacy for equal outcomes rings alarm bells. 

To alleviate our concerns, would you and Ms. Guidera please respond to these questions on the record: 

Does Ms. Guidera:

Gov-Elect Youngkin, these questions are for you:

  • Who recommended and vetted Ms. Guidera?
  • Gov-Elect Youngkin, were you aware of your nominee’s background in critical theory advocacy in education? 
  • Why could you not find a SEC ED nominee from Virginia?

Gov-Elect Youngkin, we need your Secretary of Education to be in this fight with us, not against us.

Respectfully signed by Virginia Youngkin supporters

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PS: Contact the Youngkin Transition team and respectfully ask Glenn and Ms. Guidera to address your concerns: Twitter: @GlennYoungkin,

Ask your Republican leaders to help resolve your questions: Phone: (804) 780-0111, Info@Virginia.GOP.


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