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Letter: Andrea Weiskopf, Ashburn 

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Editor: I lowered my hat and my eyes as I passed the state trooper. I didn’t have the time or the bail money to be arrested. Such is life on Virginia’s Most Wanted list.

Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s first executive order—released only hours after his inauguration on Jan. 15—forbade the teaching of divisive subjects. On Jan. 21, a news release announced the email tip line for parents to report violations of their children’s fundamental rights due to inherently divisive practices in schools. On Jan. 24, he assured listeners of his radio interview that such violations would be cataloged and rooted out. Then, two days later, I became an outlaw.

On Wednesday, Jan. 26, Mr. Jeff Manning, a man who, as far as I can determine, does not live in Loudoun County, emailed my school address, “I hope you find yourself on Jason Miyares’s radar. I will do everything within my power to bring your divisiveness to our elected official’s attention. You gave (sic) no business teaching children.”

Mr. Manning cc’ed me on his tip line email, “Good evening Mr. Youngkin, Thank you for setting up this tip line. Please review this teacher from Loudoun County. Her name is Andrea Weiskopf. She is a terribly divisive and racist woman that spews hatred to her students and society in general. … She should not be teaching children anyway! Jeff Manning”.

Curious to learn the extent of my violations, I submitted a FOIA request to Mr. Manning’s friend, Mr. Youngkin. After five working days, Mr. Youngkin’s office invoked, without explanation, a seven-day extension before informing me that the snitch line emails are exempt “as working papers and correspondence of the Office of the Governor. The documents in question are on a sizeable gmail account which changes daily.”

My request denied, I am left to ponder my offenses.

The lives of my Black students matter.

White supremacy and systemic racism exist.

White supremacy and systemic racism must be destroyed.

Transgender children must be protected.

LGBTQ families and single-parent families are families. 

Every child should see themselves reflected in literature.

I want every student in Loudoun to be affirmed and to know that they belong.

I am Virginia’s most wanted.

Andrea Weiskopf, Ashburn


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