Whites Need Not Apply: Biden Says His Priority Will Be to Help Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans

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Whites Need Not Apply: Biden Says His Priority Will Be to Help Blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans Reopen and Rebuild Their Small Businesses (VIDEO)

Just think, not too long ago I posted several stories about how LCPS, with their CRT initiative, was being discriminatory. In fact, we provided proof. I thought that was bad. Now we have Biased Biden, who is more of a racist than almost any other politician I’ve actually heard and listened to. How can I call Biden a racist and biased? He’s biased against whites, not because he believes, remembers or even understands what he says, he’s biased against whites for only one reason, he is patronizing minorities, all minorities. Biden and his entire crew are acting like modern day masters, except they are using reverse psychology to convince people that white people are keeping them dumb and oppressed. He talks about them and to them as if they’re stupid and incapable people. Who else could get away with trying to convince minorities that they are “not as bright as white kids”?

I want to be very clear, Biden and his ilk are doing their best to start a race war. Here’s the problem, it’s 2021 and many, many people, of all walks of life know that the rhetoric Biden is spewing is garbage, condescending and wayyyy out of step with how our society truly is. Sure you have your pockets of racists, black, white, hispanic, asian, and you always will, but the vast majority of Americans know that Biden is just a bullhorn artist. What you are witnessing, and Biden hasn’t even been sworn in (God help us if that becomes a reality) is the full governmental top down actions of Critical Race Theory. Weren’t ALL small business owners impacted by the creation of this socialist pandemic called “COVID”? Aren’t there white business owners that employ minorities that will suffer due to his racist policies? What about them? Progressives and Liberals only care about identity politics, if they were not the case, then why create a policy that only takes care of minority owned small businesses? In fact, why create any policies that only favor one group of people versus all Americans? Identity, plain and simple. Personally, one thing I find abhorrent and criminal is the complete dismissal of MLK. He was the great man that said “I have a dream” and now it’s become a nightmare. He also said that he looks forward to the day that people are “not judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character”. With Biden and CRT, all that goes out the window as if MLK’s achievements were meaningless.

I’ll end on this, no matter how America proceeds forward, do not listen to the garbage these racist liars are saying. Listen to your heart, mind and instincts, and do not allow yourself, no matter your color, to even begin to think there is an element of truth to what these bastards are saying. They are trying to turn you against me and separate us like oil and water. Don’t allow this to happen, push back, form the Baskin Robins (31) flavors of groups to say no. Our country and us as Americans cannot allow this to happen, do not allow them to sway you into their racist way of thinking, they don’t give two shits about you, neither party.

By Cristina Laila
Published January 10, 2021 at 8:30pm

Whites need not apply.

Democrat and RINO Governors destroyed small businesses with authoritarian Covid lockdown orders as Pelosi and McConnell held up stimulus money for more than 8 months.

Now Joe Biden is promising to make it his priority to help blacks, Latinos, Asians and Native Americans reopen and rebuild their small businesses.

Biden also suggested that minorities are just too stupid to know how to call up a banker or know where the relief is available in the first place.

Sounds racist.

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