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When Public Safety and “The Purge” Collide, the Democrats Purge Wins Via Criminal Justice Reform

This may be happening in IL but you should be very concerned. Public safety will become a thing of the past. Scuzzy people like Jennifer Wexton, Buta Biberaj, and Steve Descano have been hard at work with their criminal justice reform implementation in the state of VA. The state of IL will literally become the movie “The Purge” in real life. Police will no longer be able to remove trespassers from you home or business and YOU will be left to decide what type of force is necessary to remove them

The Democrat-controlled state of Illinois has signed into law the “Safe-T Act” which will allow criminals to be immediately released after committing the following crimes starting Jan 1, 2023:

• Kidnapping

• Second Degree Murder

• Drug-Induced Homicide

• Arson, Battery, Armed Robbery etc…

Remember, IL has the strictest anti gun laws in the country. Insist that your congressional candidate make public safety a big concern because it is.

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