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What Is Going On in Northern VA? “republican”, Stephanie Lundquist-Arora Who Wrote “Coping With Gender Fluidity” Backed by Fairfax GOP (allegedly) for Fairfax School Board Run?

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora

I’m convinced that Northern Virginia, and all of it’s notoriety over the past (2) years (none of which was good) has lost their ever loving mind and learned NOTHING.  In Loudoun County we have a special election this year for (2) LCPS School Board seats, Leesburg and Broad Run.  There are (3) candidates in Broad Run:

  • Andrew Hoyler, Independent/Leftist (incumbent who voted to mask kids, VAX mandate, CRT/SEL/Indoctrination)
  • Nick Gothard, Independent/Leftist Radical (focus is on LGBTQ+, drag queens, pedo books, and hiding information from parents)
  • Tiffany Polifko, Independent/Conservative (fought AGAINST all of the radical Leftist ideology all of which her opponents support)

If I were a betting man, I’d say there aren’t enough far left radicals for Nick Gothard to win, additionally both moderate Dems and Independents have had enough of the CRT/SEL/Indoctrination garbage and both Andrew Hoyler & Nick Gothard are not positioned well enough to capture all of those votes.

So what about Fairfax?  Did the Fairfax GOP just back “Republican” Stephanie Lundquist Arora (allegedly) that recently wrote a book titled “Coping with Gender Fluidity”?  This “Republican” actually states in her book that “The concept of gender has moved beyond the binary “man” or “woman” categories.  Rather, gender identities exist on a multidimensional and evolving continuum“.  Um, unless I’m missing something, this is a statement a far Leftist like Nick Gothard or Andrew Hoyler might say, not a “Republican”.

Stephanie Lundquist Arora did fight for her kids in Fairfax regarding mask mandates back in the winter of 2022, and I applaud her for that but how in the world does this make her a “Republican”, she simply had common sense.  Stephanie Lundquist Arora is NOT a “Republican”, you see we reject gender ideology in our schools, and well, Arora, based on her book sees it differently.  I think this is called a wolf in sheep’s clothing, except there’s a big giant hole for us all to see what she’s really about.  Really Fairfax GOP this is who you’re backing (allegedly)?  Either they haven’t done their homework OR they have a political agenda, either way it’s not good.

It’s also ironic that the New York Post did a story on Arora on August 4th titled “Virginia mom blasts sons’ ‘political’ suspensions for not wearing masks”Newsflash, this article title is as if it just happened when in reality it was (6) months ago.  So why now?  Could it have something to do with Arora attending CPAC a day after the article was posted?  Didn’t Trump just say at CPAC that we have to rid our schools of this gender ideology garbage?


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