What Do Alcoholics and CRT Have In Common and What Makes Them Different?

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What Do Alcoholics and CRT Have In Common and What Makes Them Different? Seems like an odd thing to compare & contrast but is it? Some people create their own storms, and then get upset when it rains. This couldn’t be any more pertinent to life and the outlook that so many of us start to fixate on. It’s much easier for us to take a pessimistic approach on things and become surprised if misfortune doesn’t occur, rather than be optimistic and be constantly let down in our struggles for life and energy. Thus, through the toils and troubles heaved our way, we become experts in playing the victim role. This mindset is often fruitless, alcoholics and purveyors of CRT take it and turn it into their own version of bull-headed victimization.

Alcoholics, have a natural instinct to justify their dependency and blame others in life as they fall “helplessly” into the victim role, this is no different than purveyors of CRT .  The amount of complaining that builds up could fill a novel within minutes. 

It’s so much easier to talk about the would’ve, could’ve, should’ve’s than it is to actually look at the problem at hand and try to change something about it. Why in the world would either “group” want to tire themselves out and put effort into changing the things that are bothering them? No no no, these folks would rather dive further into the victim role and carry on in the mindset that the world is out to get them and that unfortunate things only occur in their lives and selfish little world. This is another way that alcoholics and purveyors of CRT shift the faults of their lives onto something or everybody else. This makes it hard for them to see that they are the product of their own actions. They’ve developed this victim role mindset as if there is some force, entity, or group of people out there that is trying to get them.

Imagine an alcoholic requiring ALL non-alcoholics to attend AA meetings? Who would this help? They would be bringing in the very people they blame for their victimhood or declare that they too are alcoholic. So why are the sympathizers and purveyors of CRT doing the same thing to the rest of the world? Unlike the purveyors of CRT, alcoholics have a place they can go to learn how to live life right, to its fullest, and to be of service to others. The opposite is true with CRT. These people don’t want others to live their lives to their fullest potential, they want others to be of service to THEM based on the fictitious notation that unless others believe, act, and worship their ideology as they tell us to or we’re all racist, oppressors, and are public enemy #1.

For those that believe that they are victims, do something positive about it. Don’t blame others, be accountable, and when realized, promptly admit when you’re wrong. Not only is this good for your soul, it’s a major contribution to those around you. Doesn’t it feel good to give someone a gift or buy the order of food for someone else behind you at the local fast-food restaurant or Starbucks? Life is not about US, it’s about others and being of service (positive) to the world around you.

Try not waking up everyday as if someone pissed in your cereal and the world will be much better off.

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