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Wexton’s Drag Dream Starring Desiree Dik Sponsored by Equality Loudoun and Supported by Loudoun BOS & Democrats

Admittedly, this was not an easy post to put together, and when you scroll through you’ll see why. So why post it then? Simple. People, normal people, need to see what Wexton’s LGBTQ+ agenda looks like. The Loudoun Pride Festival is presented by Equality Loudoun, which is to be expected. However, some of the sponsors might stun you:

Let’s recap, from 2019-Present Day, the Loudoun NAACP & Michelle Thomas have hijacked LCPS. Michelle Thomas is a felon, a fraud, and a race hustler. Now, we have Jennifer Wexton and Equality Loudoun forcing yet ANOTHER ideology onto society and into your kids classrooms. Michelle is the only person I’ve ever known that can see white supremacy everywhere, she’s a fraud. Equality Loudoun, well you’re all homophobes or transphobes if you don’t accept that repulsive Drag Queen shows, for kids, are just fine.

When is enough enough? You do NOT have to be a Republican to know this is ALL WRONG, bad for our kids and society. For those who are stuck on what to do, may I suggest you get your cell phone, computer and look up each and every sponsor and asked them if are ok with what you’ll find below. Also, consider emailing, Tweeting and adding to their FB page. Make them earn their sponsorship

The videos and images below are sick. However, this is one of Equality Loudoun’s Loudoun Pride Festival stars, Desiree Dik. Remember, Equality will be hosting Drag Queen Story hour and “PG-13” shows.

Equality Loudoun Presents: Desiree Dik

“Split and Swallow”

“Incest Is The Only Way”

Loudoun Pride Festival Sponsors

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