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Wexton Donor and Endorser, Hillary Clinton Personally Approved of Dissemination of Bogus Trump-Russia Alfa Bank Accusations to Media

Hillary ALL in for Jennifer Wexton

Wexton calls for hearing, release of full Mueller report

At every single turn, Jennifer Wexton has SURROUNDED herself with the most corrupt people known, including Hillary Clinton. Wexton was in full support of going after President Trump over the fake Russia Collusion hoax AND we now know that Hillary Clinton herself, a Wexton donor and supporter, PERSONALLY approved of the hoax.

If it’s not Wexton’s ties with Team Joe, Michelle Thomas and the NAACP, Black Lives Matter, or George Soros it’s with Hillary Clinton and Pelosi.

Wexton is a fraud, phony, liar, and extremely dangerous for true democracy, not the faux democracy she and her progressive cohorts talk about.


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