We Need Your Help! Please Support PACT As We Broaden Our Scope and Expand Focus on ALL Local, State Elected Officials and US Congressional Representatives

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Back on March 25, 2021 Loudoun county school employees supported a campaign to cancel PACT’s fundraiser and GoFundMe quickly informed PACT that we had violated the site’s policies. However, there was never an explanation of the specific violations that we could find. Now, GoFundMe has cancelled the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser that had raised $10M.

Guess what? Thanks to GiveSendGo PACT is STILL STANDING and now we’re gearing up for our biggest battle since our founding in 2020! Please help us!

Harnessing the momentum from Virginia’s 11/2/21 election victory, PACT has assessed what worked, what didn’t work, and what still needs to be accomplished. It is fair to say, while we’ve exercised (and often enjoyed) the opportunity to expose the corrupt Loudoun County Public Schools Schoolboard and Superintendent and rake them all over the coals for their dishonesty and bizarre commitment to child endangerment, we are not done. In addition to the focus on the school boards, what we have learned over the last two years is that that they are not the only ones to blame.

We are happy to say that we are quickly moving into the next phase of our operation and are looking forward to taking a “PACT Approach” to ALL locally elected officials and US Congressional Representatives. Any locally elected official that has participated in destroying our Freedoms, Liberties and Parental Rights is now fair game. This includes Progressive Democrats, RINO’s and all candidates that have a shady and dishonest past – we believe that to correct the corruption and political games that have endangered American communities, there is no more room for bias. NO ONE GETS A PASS.

How are we doing this:

  • Investing in innovative technologies that will expand our reach and communication capabilities
  • Partnering with other organizations and individuals across the state and country
  • Partnering with elected officials from BOTH parties who uphold and value their oath to the United States Constitution.
  • Exposing associations and donors with politicians that have aided the destruction of our society and targeted our Freedoms

The very people we are fighting against, the woke mob, has been targeting GiveSendGo ALL DAY with DDOS attacks. Don’t let this prevent you from donating, keep trying and stick it to them!

Help and Share The Message!