WARNING Parents: “Teachers Pay Teachers” Is THE Backdoor For Progressive Radical Teachers

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The concept of “Teachers Pay Teachers” is actually a pretty cool concept. However, much like EVERYTHING else in our schools, a good concept with good intentions has been hijacked by progressive radicals who are out to destroy our kids education.

As we said, the concept is cool BUT being hijacked by progressive radicals who are out to destroy our kids education is not. What makes “Teachers Pay Teachers” even worse is there is no auditing mechanism. In other words, LCPS teachers (any teacher around the country) can easily skirt approved curriculum by the school district, and create lesson plans to further their own agenda. It’s bad enough that parents have to battle school districts for the truth of what’s being taught in our classrooms, now we have to worry about teachers using “Teachers Pay Teachers”.

Since there aren’t any auditing or monitoring capabilities for “Teachers Pay Teachers”, how are we as parents supposed to know what is REALLY going on? In comes another battle. There are no easy answers except to tell everyone about this “backdoor” and push to have “Teachers Pay Teachers” banned OR be able to audit.

Teachers Pay Teachers is the go-to platform created by teachers, for teachers to access the community, content, and tools they need to teach at their best. Founded in 2006, TpT provides a marketplace for teachers to exchange instructional materials and access easy-to-use digital tools. Today, TpT empowers teachers with the world’s largest catalog of over 5 million pieces of educator-created content. Our community of more than 7 million educators — including 85% of PreK-12 U.S. teachers — use TpT to save time, support students, and learn from each other.

Teachers Pay Teachers is transforming education classroom by classroom by enabling teachers everywhere to share their expertise and resources. That’s why Fast Company named us one of the top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the world in 2019, and awarded us the #1 spot for the education sector. This commitment to innovation is ever-present in our NYC headquarters, and shared by the educators and administrators who power TpT.

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