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Warning: Loudoun County Quickly Inches Closer to “The Purge” Starting January 16th, 2023, Thanks to Progressive Prosecutor Soros Backed Buta Biberaj. She Is Truly a Mental Lunatic.



The Purge is a movie from 2013 about a dystopian country (US) that observes an annual event known as “the Purge”, in which all crime, including murder, is decriminalized for a 12-hour period.  However, here in Loudoun County, that wretched Commonwealth Attorney, Buta Biberaj, on January 16th, 2023 will bring a real-life version of “The Purge” to our community.  Yup, Buta and her Commonwealth office will no longer prosecute the following:



For the past year or longer, we’ve been putting out post after post about this sort of thing happening around the country, with Illinois being the worst state.  Being the richest county in the country clearly means nothing when it comes to the Democrat Progressives’ destruction of our schools, public safety, rule of law, etc.  Notice Buta’s stationery says at the bottom “Protection, Prevention, Prosecution”, what an absolute joke.  This is what happens when you vote for Democrat Progressives. Buta is a mental lunatic determined to destroy Loudoun County.


How in good conscience can anyone ignore this, Democrat or Republican?  Democrats (normal ones) your party left you long ago.  When will you wake up and realize Democrat Progressives are literally destroying the country and community you love?  Perhaps when one of their rogue policies impacts you, your loved ones, or someone else close to you?


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