Virginia Does NOT Need Another Social Justice Warrior Running Our School Systems

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So who is Governor Youngkin’s Educational Secretary? Well, we know she started Data Quality Campaign, a student data mining company. Some might say “so what” who cares. Does it make sense to allocate a unique student identifying number, one that is unique to DQC, specific to a student but no one else including parents. The student data mining possibilities are endless and in some cases nefarious. But this is another post.

Some have said Youngkin is a RINO and some have said he’s a Conservative. I took a neutral position, and was reserving judgement until 1/15/22. However, since Youngkin’s first cabinet pick was Aimee Guidera, for VA’s Secretary of Education, 1/15/22 has moved up to 12/20/21, therefore no need to wait and reserve judgement. Some have said that Youngkin’s choice for Education Secretary set off red flags, from where I sit it’s more like a (3) alarm fire. Let’s take a closer look-see at why this is a (3) alarm fire (no specific order and far from all examples):

I’m not an investigative journalist BUT it seems to me that press release put out by the Youngkin Team on 12/20/21 announcing their pick for VA Education Secretary does not in any way, shape or form align with the promises made. Who are his advisors??? In fact, Aimee Guidera’s background is the complete opposite of what Virginia parents expected. Perhaps in NJ, NY or CA but this is not what we voted for. If you were to add up just the few examples above they = “Social Justice Warrior”, and we do not need another social justice warrior running our school systems. Oh, a different media outlet dropping another story tomorrow on Aimee Guidera. I’m sure she’s a lovely lady, but just say “No” to Aimee Guidera as VA’s Education Secretary.

Aimee Rogstad Guidera, Fellow at Pahara-Aspen Institute


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