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VA Senate Candidate Juan Pablo Segura, Stalked & Spied On by Loudoun Love Warrior Member Janann Mercker. Juan Pablo Responds With Order of Protection

The information I’m about to share is deeply concerning. It has come to our attention that a well-known local Long and Foster realtor, Kristine Condie, misused her privileged access to Long and Foster’s MLS system. Disturbingly, she utilized this access to track down the precise location of Juan Pablo’s residence, both past and present. Shockingly, she then proceeded to disclose this sensitive information to Janann Mercker, a former writer for LoudounNow who is a member of the infamous Loudoun Love Warriors.

What makes this situation even more alarming is that during the same period, Mr. and Mrs. Segura welcomed their first child into the world. It is disconcerting to consider that Mercker had been planning to surveil and observe the Segura family during such a vulnerable and joyous time in their lives. The potential invasion of their privacy is deeply troubling and calls into question the motives and ethics of those involved.

This revelation raises serious concerns about the safety and well-being of individuals within our community. It is imperative that we address these actions and take the necessary steps to ensure the protection of innocent families like the Seguras.

Below is Juan Pablo Segura’s official statement:

Segura Condemns Violent Threats Towards Parents in Loudoun County
Senatorial candidate Juan Pablo Segura (VA SD-31) and Loudoun constituents, seeking educational reform, threatened with harm and violence.
LEESBURG, VA – Earlier this week, alarming news broke detailing a Facebook group named “Loudoun Love Warriors” that consists of local left-wing political operatives and Democratic staff of various local county officials. In the group, they shared threatening and violent comments about parents in the Loudoun County community who have spoken at local board meetings where they advocated for education reform, transparency, and accountability.
WHY IT MATTERS: Parents in Loudoun County who are speaking up at school board meetings are now being seriously threatened by left-wing political operatives and staff of Democrat officials. The threats not only include efforts to have parents fired from their jobs, but even threats of violence.
“Parents in Loudoun want transparency, a higher standard of education, and accountability from the school board. Unfortunately, a group of radicals would rather intimidate, harass, and threaten parents just for speaking up instead of working together to find common ground. I jumped into this race to make real change, to be a voice for parents and children. And I have no intentions of backing down. Not only am I taking proper legal action against one of the individuals who made direct threats against myself and my family, but I will continue to defend and protect our community and their right to bring education reform to this district.” – Juan Pablo Segura, Candidate for Virginia Senate District 31.
TAKING ACTION: Segura was directly named in the Facebook group by one individual who shared Segura’s home address and made highly concerning comments about Segura and his family. Juan Pablo will be filing an order of protection against the individual to ensure his family’s safety and privacy from these threatening individuals. 

HOLDING OTHERS ACCOUNTABLE: The Segura campaign is urging Russet Perry and Zach Cummings to join in immediately condemning this type of violent rhetoric.If anyone else across the district has experienced any kind of harassment like this, we encourage you to reach out to the campaign and share your story so we can continue to hold individuals accountable for these types of threats.###

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