VA Overwatch Aligns Perfectly With Steve Bannon and Star News Network’s New Launch “WarRoom Battleground” 2022 Midterms

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About VA Over Watch

In 2020, our world changed forever and in just two (2) years, Americans realized that our country and our communities (local and state levels) have been undergoing changes in unimaginable ways.  The impact of Covid 19 revealed the absolute truth behind the promises our Founding Fathers made to America’s people at the inception of our nation.

When unchecked, corruption, deception and ideaological special interests will encroach with tyranny and consume every part of our lives.  We’ve gotten a taste of it and the time is now to reject it and institutionalize a culture of watching and acting in the best interest of the People.

Whether it’s in education, public safety, defunding the police, illegal immigration, healthcare, or any other progressive agenda item that is negatively impacting our way of life, Americans can no longer afford to ignore the root cause of the destruction that we are funding with our taxpayer dollars – it is time to take a stand to the corruption, the greed, the incompetence and the tyranny once and for all and We, The People must do it together, as it was always intended.

Political candidates either trust voters to do the deep and necessary research to know who they are voting for, based on their words and actions, or they are counting on American not to.  The media has proven to be a joke; dishonest and bought off.  Special Interest Groups and Corporations have a blatant disregard for freedom, doing everything  in their power to buy off policitians and own a narrative aimed at more control through big government.  

We have complete access to the truth.  Together,  let’s share the stories that really matter and use it to shape the future of our freedom and the world we want for generations to come.


Virginia Overwatch wants every American to have a platform where they can go to find the truth – the good, the bad, the ugly – harnessing the talents of Americans to contribute to it with the verifiable facts and research and technical expertise that digitizes information and feeds it to consumers so they can quickly assess and make decisions.  

About WarRoom Battleground, 2022 Midterms

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