Update Parents Please Read: (15) of the Most Harmful Things About Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

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We have been saying for quite some time that people need to move beyond the CRT media talk. We know CRT is alive and well, but it’s also paramount for people to understand that CRT is NOT a class, book, assignment, or lesson plan, CRT is merely an insidious framework that has many tenants. One of the most harmful tenants of CRT that parents need to understand is called Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

There are many different SEL vendors in our school systems across the country, however, some of the most popular ones are, if you don’t see it on the list ask your school who is providing SEL curriculum:

  • Second Step
  • Committee for Children
  • Learning for Justice (Southern Poverty Law Center)
  • Panorama

Also remember, CRT has (3) primary Lifecycle Phases:

  • Infiltration: This has already happened across the country. Great to understand but recommend to not focus on this phase
  • Transformation: Focus on this phase (incomes SEL)
  • Indoctrination: Really focus on this phase (SEL is spread throughout curriculum, worse than COVID on a bad day)

Hat Tip to Barb Nied: (15) Harmful Attributes of SEL

  • 1. ALL 15 HARMFUL ELEMENTS OF CSE (COMPREHENSIVE SEX EDUCATION) MAY BE PRESENT IN VARIOUS SEL PROGRAMS. WE STRONGLY EMPHASIZE NUMBER 14: SEL UNDERMINES PARENTAL RIGHTS – This program is designed by CASEL and similar organizations and is authorized by governing authorities to indoctrinate students and to collect the most personal data of students and their families. SEL is designed to become the “parenting voice” to encompass the “whole child” in the so-called “missing piece” of education and is promoted with dire importance as stated by their president: “Social and emotional learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and human development. SEL is the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.” Karen Niemi, President, CASEL. By design, this “framework” is in the process of being woven throughout every subject, evolving like proverbial kudzu.
  • 2. PROMOTES DATA COLLECTION –See Project Unicorn, Common Educational Data Standards Government longitudinal data bases are collecting data on students to follow them for life to measure outcomes for the working classes of society and the “collective good.” Parents have not consented to this data collection and many responses are private information best suited between a counselor and a patient. Phone apps among others are also used for students to provide data.
  • 3. IMPERSONATES MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES – Many SEL programs are designed to shape the child’s developing brain to accept particular worldviews regarding sexuality, racial attitudes, and other social issues under the guise of providing a mental health benefit.
  • 4. PROMOTES PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS BY UNQUALIFIED TEACHERS – “Interventions” may be “prescribed” by a teacher with limited training that may adversely impact a student’s permanent data file. The numbers of trained counselors are limited in most schools, so most SEL interventions likely will be administered by untrained or poorly trained personnel.
  • 5. INVOLVES PROBLEMATIC PRIVACY POLICIES may disclose student data that could be used against parents in regard to the personal choices they make for their children. If situations are detected regarding gender, sexual orientation or other “sexual rights” violations, this could become a window for family disruption or separation.
  • 6. SEL IS A BELIEF SYSTEM OR WORLDVIEW WITH OCCULT ORIGINS – originally hosted at the Fetzer Institute, where “New Age” religion was founded. According to the Fetzer Library, Mr. Fetzer is also linked to Alice Bailey, an occultist and she founded the Lucifer Publishing Company (now known as the Lucis Publishing Company) and is also affiliated with the Lucis Trust. David J. Sluyter, Senior Advisor, Fetzer Institute, is also listed as one of the founders of CASEL.
  • 7. SPIRITUALLY, MENTALLY AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSIVE –Sacred family beliefs may be classified as unkind or unacceptable instead of a matter of morality. SEL teachings force students to choose between two leaders in authority over them (their parents versus their teacher) with opposing directives. The child is then left to “flesh out” which path is the one that will bring him the most relief in order to survive.
  • 8. REQUIRES THAT STUDENTS ACCEPT FALSE CONCEPTS – SOGI (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) These identities are not based in science and present false concepts as if they are based in factual truth. Some assignments force students to produce false confessions or coerced admissions regarding oppression and expressed acceptance of ideologies that may contradict sincerely held beliefs.
  • 9. SYSTEMATICALLY UNDERMINES ESTABLISHED PROTOCOLS AND LAWS–according to CASEL: “Schools were being inundated with a slew of positive youth development programs such as drug prevention, violence prevention, sex education, civic education, and moral education, to name a few. SEL was introduced as a FRAMEWORK that addresses the needs of young people and helps to align and coordinate school programs and programming.” By asserting this non-academic, incognito “framework”, they are able to circumvent parental rights protections such as Health Advisory Committees, parent reviews, opt-out forms, etc.
  • 10. PREVENTS MEANINGFUL REGULATION OR SURVEILANCE- Integrated into the publisher’s live website, updates and changes can occur at any time. When first purchased, lessons may seem helpful and desirable with little to no controversial elements; however, in some cases later investigations reveal a “bait and switch” tactic with controversial lesson updates, (woke ideology, CRT, etc.). Due to the size of these video libraries, it is impossible to pre-approve or monitor lessons, especially in live form. Investigations are time-consuming and working parents (if even aware) would not have the amount of time needed to adequately safeguard their student. SEL programs may also be coupled with virtual learning software platforms.
  • 11. REVISIONIST LESSONS – Due to the progressive integration of SEL with other classes, revisionist history, science, “human” geography and even math concepts have been observed in schools that fully embrace SEL. CASEL promotes itself as the “lever for equity and social justice.” With this in mind, it would not be difficult to transition any of these software programs into an infrastructure for a totalitarian reset.
  • 12. SCHOOLS ARE HEAVILY FUNDED WITH TARGETED GRANTS –Learning loss is identified as a primary need for SEL with abundant funding. This point alone requires constant investigation and becomes very detailed.
  • 13. WAS FOUNDED & FINANCED BY GLOBALISTS – CASEL’s website reveals its corporate and foundational connections. Corporate Partners: Allstate Foundation, Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, LG, Susan Crown Exchange. Foundation Partners: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, New Profit, The NoVo Foundation (Warren Buffet family), Founders Eileen Rothschild Growald and more. The goal of these organizations is global education and indoctrination.
  • 14. PROMOTES ACTIVISM, ALLEGIANCE AND DIVISION- SEL is promoted as the “lever for equity and social justice”. Critical Race Theory and Marxist lessons are taught regarding oppression, oppressors, “intersectionality”, race, gender, and religion in ways that promote illegal, sectarian concepts. Community organizing events and afterschool programs are routinely promoted. CASEL is committed to the morally bankrupt “woke doctrine” of radical progressives. Consider their SEL PLEDGE: I pledge to contribute to a caring, just, and thriving world by prioritizing social and emotional learning for myself and others. I will examine my own emotions, identities, beliefs, and biases to understand how they impact the way I interact with others. I will create spaces for others to explore their emotions, strengths, and assets, and how they can be channeled to serve the collective well-being. I will listen to young people, elders, and those who are different from me. I will work to build meaningful relationships so that I can better understand others’ perspectives, experiences, cultures, and stories. I will create inclusive environments where everyone feels a sense of belonging and where young people find purpose and passion. I will work alongside others to IDENTIFY AND DISMANTLE inequities, stand up to injustice, and use our collective voice and power to create spaces where everyone thrives. I will use: my power, my privilege, my time, my work, my influence, my lived experience, my love, my passion, my energy, and my resolve. Because, when we commit to social and emotional learning, we can build stronger schools and communities today, and a more just and caring world tomorrow.
    • • You will need digital access to review curriculum. This is accomplished with your own “student account” and you must insist that the administrators provide it to you, (if necessary, use an open record request).
    • • Administrators may say you need the publisher’s permission to review curriculum. Tell them digital curriculum is subject to review just like a book. Show them your state laws on parental rights of review.
    • • If a school uses the excuse of “FERPA” (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) to refuse access, insist you only want to see curriculum, not personal work completed by students.
    • • Copyright infringement is another tactic they may use to discourage access. Politely tell them you are just reviewing it and not selling it.
    • • Schools may try to provide “scope and sequence” documents for the program to see if you will accept that as a curriculum. This is more like a table of contents, not the actual curriculum.
    • • This toolkit may help to opt students out of these classes – use it to push back and to let the school administration know where you stand. Sharing this information with the entire community is important for change

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