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Trans Wreck Premiere, Loudoun County, VA October 20, 2022




When: Thursday, October 20, 2022 @6:30pm

Where: The Barn at Zion Springs, 16660 Mandileigh Lane Hamilton, VA 20158

Cost: $30.00 and includes: Dinner, drinks, and great fellowship with like-minded Patriots along with the premier showing of Trans Wreck.

Disclaimer: Note: This is a private event and is not intended for the general public to attend. Guests of Patriot Pub members are fine but If you didn’t receive a personal invite and would like to register, please email to request attendance.


The documentary TRANS WRECK seamlessly integrates a wide range of moral and scientific viewpoints and clearly articulates the often irreparable harm of the Transgender Movement in a compassionate and compelling manner. This feature film is bold and courageous, not shying away from a topic that most medical experts and religious leaders refuse to touch. This high-concept exemplar of documentary filmmaking attests to the horrifying consequences of parents, schools, and supposed medical professionals promoting “transgenderism” within their communities and upon the most vulnerable in our society, our children.


TRANS WRECK uncovers how individuals professing a desire to change their sex, most often begin their journey as a result of past trauma. Dark spiritual elements such as childhood sexual abuse, pornography, broken homes, and mental illness, as well as leftist school systems and agenda-driven social media, are all contributing aspects of this insidious movement.


To be sure, a movement that encourages individuals to cut off their own body parts through irreversible surgery, and to take life-altering drugs, cannot turn out well. The film explains how the medical industry, along with Big Pharma, is making billions off the victims of this abusive practice. Because patients are tied to these drugs for a lifetime, the doctors and drug-makers have a steady and never-ending stream of income.



Trans Wreck Trailer #1

Trans Wreck Trailer #2

Interview with Trans Wreck Producer, and Film Maker, Frank Panico

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