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This video is stunning but not surprising and good to see. TN is not alone, Loudoun County and other school districts across the country are simply flipping the bird at any attempt to “ban” CRT. We have been saying for at least a year that it is the TENETS of CRT that must be banned.

This really is phase two of the public awakening of CRT.  They need to become as familiar with the “Tenets of CRT” as they are with “CRT” now.

1. 100% correct in saying that the banning of CRT actually bans nothing, it’s empty and a saying to satisfy the masses

2. 100% correct in calling out the HOW of CRT, the tenets which the masses are unaware of and there’s not nearly enough focus on this area

3. 100% correct that teachers have the freedom to do whatever they want.  There’s a resource available to teachers across the country and utilized in schools called Teachers Pay Teachers

Help and Share The Message!