Time to Move Past the “CRT” Discussion and Into How This Works, What This Means and the Impact

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Personally speaking, I think we’ve beat this CRT drum to death. We’ve proven that CRT is in fact in LCPS over and over. We all know CRT is a radical Marxist ideology that is centered around the oppressor/oppressed narrative, creating victims, placing people into “groups” and it declares America is a racist country. For more than a year, LCPS has been in the media nonstop because of their adoption of CRT and their “Culturally Responsive Framework”. As great and tremendously helpful as this has been from an awareness perspective, it has maintained the same drumbeat. Here’s the problem, this discussion MUST advance. It’s virtually the same talking points and this has to change. We’re stuck in a cycle of debate and continual discussion of whether or not CRT is in our schools and how Marxist it is. In fact, I’d argue that it has now become a distraction. We’ve won this battle otherwise the DOJ and FBI would not have been called into action to come after us parents for opposing CRT, right?

Over the course of the past (3) days alone, PACT has been on Bannons War Room twice and Newsmax’s Stinchfield Show once pivoting the discussion from just CRT to Social Emotional Learning (SEL):

PACT is going to be focusing on what matters most NOW, the actual material that is manifesting its way into our kids classroom. The material is Second Step Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Learning for Justice, Panorama, and other related sources.

In order to help parents and teachers better understand what this material looks like, the timelines associated with reprogramming our kids, how parents can spot the “signs”, and what they can do, we are holding a free workshop on Second Step SEL and Learning for Justice on October 16th from 1-3pm at the Embassy Suites in Loudoun County. Please join us so you can understand what LCPS is deliberately hiding from parents.

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