This is Not a Joke: LCPS Scott Ziegler and Black Supremacist Michelle Thomas of NAACP Host “Equity in Education” March 16th On LCPS-NAACP TV

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When are people going to be bothered by the fact that Michelle Thomas, NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center have hijacked your kids education based on false pretenses and speak up & out? We’ve been beating this drum for (2) years, provided facts and evidence. Now we get to hear her and Ziegler tell us all about equity, white supremacy, and social justice

The wishful thinking in me says, March 16th would be a perfect evening for AG Miyares to get 2 birds with one stone, Ziegler and Thomas. Anyways, can you imagine LCPS’s two most most hated, corrupt, and harmful individuals doing a live broadcast together at the same time? Ziegler, a known parent obstructionist and Progressive ideologue that paints his nails AND Thomas, a fraudulent “Pastor”, historian, educator, and a black supremacist (with an apparent felony record, check out Race to the Bottom released today for more info).

Ziegler ignores parents, he lies, hides “independent investigation” reports related to rapes and sexual assaults, and uses the alias “Timothy Smith” on social media.

Having suffered many personal losses in my life, the one thing I will never do is make wisecracks about the loss others loved ones, especially when it comes to their child. I watched my mother live through it every day for the past (40) years when my brother died. However, this entire slave cemetery thing is sketchy to say the least.

  • Image A The Slave Cemetery: Thomas has had this “historic site” for (5) years, does this look like a historic slave cemetery below? Not a single placard, absolutely NO signage whatsoever and no headstones
  • Image B Where Thomas’s Recently Departed Son Is Buried: His burial site is about 60′ away from the slave cemetery, decorated with a green football field made of astroturf, and a multi colored hand painted wooden sign letters that spell her sons name in red and blue.

We all grieve in our own way, and that’s ok, however, this is not a historic slave cemetery, it’s 3-5 acres of land Thomas received for free that she is using as her personal parcel of land and billing LCPS for field trips to this cemetery, not too mention the other “services” her Loudoun Freedom Center is billing LCPS for. I’ve never seen a historic site like Balls Bluff or Gettysburg look like either image below.



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