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The Tale of Two Ziegler’s: LCPS Superintendent Ziegler, caught on Video Saying (LCPS) Has “A Pretty Robust Indoctrination Plan”. So What Does This Mean?

Personally speaking, I think Ziegler slipped and said what we all have known. Similar to when he said there was no CRT in LCPS and then BAM we throw an LCPS CRT Training invoice at him. At this point, Ziegler may as well just come clean, it’s not like he’s going to get thrown out by the SB anytime soon, maybe January 2024 if the 2023 election goes well AND he’s not stepping down.

It’s no secret there’s a special election this fall for LCPS SB Districts Leesburg and Broad Run but what’s this have to do with the Ziegler indoctrination video? See below:

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