The “Official” P.A.C.T. “White Privilege” Cheat Sheet

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In case anyone hasn’t noticed, ALL white people apparently have “White Privilege” or simply “Privilege”. We’re reminded of this everyday in School, Work, News, Media, Sports, by Progressives, Woke-Tards, BLM, NAACP and on and on. It’s quite annoying and if you don’t admit your “Privilege” then you are, yup, a racist.

In 1988, a Far Left white, radical nut-job, by the name of Peggy McIntosh developed a listing of (50) different types of “White Privilege” and ultimately published an article titled “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack“. There is no “Science”, methodology, experiments or data that helped McIntosh reach the conclusion that there are (50) different form of “Privilege”.

It’s time to turn the tables on all of these social justice and woke warriors. The next time someone tells you that you have “White Privilege”, ask them specifically which of the (50) different types of “Privilege” they are referring to. I can promise you a deer in the headlights type of response. Next, pull out your handy-dandy “White Privilege” Cheat Sheet and let them know that unless the “White Privilege” they claim you have is NOT in the list of (50) that it doesn’t count. Facts send these people into a fit of confusion. They’ll likely stutter for a few moments, and resort to the good old reliable response of “you’re a racist”. If you’ve already accept this premise, then you’ve won half the battle and made them look completely in the process. Below is the “White Privilege Cheat Sheet” I referenced. Have fun with it!

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