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The Impact of Running Out of Diesel Fuel Is Grave



Freight and delivery trucks as well as trains, buses, boats, farms, construction, and military vehicles, and some cars and light trucks have diesel engines. Diesel fuel is also used in diesel-engine generators to generate electricity, such as in remote villages in Alaska. Many industrial facilities, large buildings, institutional facilities, hospitals, and electric utilities have diesel generators for backup and emergency power supply.


When we run out of diesel, the sheep’s booster shots will be impacted, as well as their COVID tests and masks.  It requires diesel to power the trucks to deliver these goods.  Farmers cannot till the soil for crops therefore they cannot plant seeds for their crops.  Then, they cannot harvest those crops for delivery in order for the manufacturers to process those goods to deliver to your grocery stores.  Every step of the way a diesel power vehicle or machine is required.  No diesel, no crops.


Your brand-new iPhone requires parts.  Those parts are being delivered to Apple via trucks that run on diesel. Then, the manufactured iPhones have to be transported to distribution centers by trucks, which require diesel.  From the distribution center, the iPhones need to be delivered to a store OR your home, both require diesel for delivery.


Medicine and medials supplies.  Your meds are delivered to pharmacies and hospitals by trucks that require diesel.  Without meds and medical supplies, grandma’s life expectancy drops dramatically.  If grandma needs to be transported to the hospital, that will require an ambulance which requires diesel fuel.  If grandma makes it to the hospital and the hospital suffers a power outage, backup generators kick in but they require diesel fuel.


Fires and first responders.  If a building, your business or God forbid your home catches on fire, firetrucks will rush to help.  However, without diesel fuel, they won’t make it and everything burns to the ground.


While diesel is different than standard gasoline that powers your car, the gasoline has to get to the gas station somehow, yup diesel power trucks.


Consider everything above, and now factor in the supply chain.  Goods may still be available BUT with an impending diesel shortage, every single aspect that goes into making whatever good or product will dramatically increase in price has to because we will be living the “Supply and Demand” theory we learned about in school before CRT and LGBTQ+ took over.


These are just a few examples of how the diesel shortage will impact We The People.  I hope this helps those wondering about the impact of the diesel shortage and that you reflect on this before you vote.  Jennifer Wexton and every single Democrat in the House and Senate did this and of course creepy Joe Biden.


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