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Thank You to the Smith Family for Their Comments and Support!

The Smith family has truly faced immense challenges over the past few years. They have endured hardships and setbacks that have tested their resilience. Personally, as Scott Mineo, I am deeply grateful for their friendship and the valuable lessons I have gained from knowing them. They are an extraordinary family, and it is important to emphasize that contrary to the misguided labels imposed by Chardonnay Antifa, Loudoun Love Warriors, and AG Garland, they are far from being “domestic terrorists”. Recent events have revealed the true identity of the domestic terrorists, and it is the Loudoun Love Warriors. I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Smith family, and may God bless each and every one of you.

May 11th 2023
Smith Family Statement
Loudoun County Va.

In response to
Loudoun Love Warriors “Threats”

We all are now seeing what my family and I have been subjected to on a daily basis for the past two years—that our local politicians and their supporters have been going to great lengths in choosing to implement their harmful policy over the safety of our kids. And rather than engage in a respectful public debate on this issue, it is now evident that this crowd has chosen to engage in hateful and unconscionable behavior against parents like us, merely because we dared to challenge their radical policies. The curtain has now been pulled back for all to see. And what we are seeing right now is downright disturbing. We expect our local, state and federal law enforcement to look into this matter, “and my wife and I still remain hopeful that this matter will be dealt with immediately.”


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