Take Virginia Back and Begin The Removal of CRT….Done. Next, Strategically Helping Others Across Our Great Country!

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Some like to say that with the Youngkin/Sears/Miyares victory, Virginia has flipped from “Blue” to “Red”. In the political sense that’s very true. However, we don’t like to look at as changing political colors, instead we view it as the first step in parents taken back ownership of the most precious thing in the world, our kids.

This was not a fight between Republican and Democrats but the Parental Pretorian Guard protecting our kids, ALL of our kids. The Youngkin/Sears/Miyares victory was not centered around a referendum on minorities, Sears is a black woman and Miyares is Hispanic for the love of Pete! It was based on right versus wrong, good versus evil, and hate versus love.

The Progressive wackadoos have already said that the Youngkin/Sears/Miyares victory was driven by white supremacy AND Juan Williams had the audacity to say that ‘Parental Rights” is “code for white politics”. This is as ridiculous as calling Larry Elder the “black face of white supremacy”. Their assertions are laughable and dumb, so is anyone that perpetuates this warped sense of logic.

What “We The Parents” were able to accomplish in Virginia can be done all across the country and it has to be. That is why PACT will be launching loudounize.com so that we can strategically help others take their “Parental Rights’ back and bring normalcy back to this great country of ours! Stay tuned for updates as we prepare to launch loudounize.com!

Help and Share The Message!