Stop Agreeing to Tyranny, Now

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Monday IS coming, Zig.

1/24/22 marks the end of your reign of student masking tyranny in LCPS. I have never seen such a disgusting display of failed leadership as I have from this superintendent and all of the other Bolsheviks on the school board (excluding John Beatty).

New interim guidance for COVID-19 prevention in Virginia pre-k-12 schools states the following:

There is no medical reason for a vaccinated and/or masked teacher to treat an otherwise healthy
unmasked student any differently than a healthy masked student.

You have made it abundantly clear that unmasked children will be treated differently than their masked peers. Will the unmasked be receiving a “separate but equal” education when administrators confine them to auditoriums? Do you plan on creating masked vs. unmasked water fountains? You wouldn’t want the smelly, dirty, Walmart mask-less kids to be using the same fountains as those who mask.

Is this your diversion tactic from the sexual assaults that you were responsible for ignoring and attempted to escape as you threw Mark Smith under the bus? Loudoun County schools’ boss axed over transgender scandal: reports (

You have created this monster. All of the administrative soldiers in the field will be left to put out the fires on Monday morning while you sit in your comfy chair in the ivory tower with your painted fingernails.

Why is it that you want to abandon equity when it comes to masked vs. unmasked children, Ziegler? Where is your commitment to providing a welcoming, inclusive, and identity affirming environment?

Interim-Guidance-to-K-12-School-Reopening.pdf (

There is a HUGE crack in the dam. Parents have had enough. Your incremental overreach of power ends here, because those of us who choose not to mask our children WILL NOT AGREE to it. I will be confident, calm, and collected as I head into Monday morning because I have the law on my side. If you can pick and choose which CDC guidelines you follow, so can I. Let me remind you that guidelines and mandates are not laws.

“The Commonwealth recognizes in § 1-240.1 of the Code of Virginia, that “a parent has a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.” Permitting parents to make decisions on where and when to wear masks permits the Commonwealth’s parents to make the best decision for the circumstances confronting each child. Parents can assess the risks and benefits facing their child, consult their medical providers, and make the best decision for their children based on the most up to date health information available.”

Microsoft Word – PRINT VERSION- 2- EO 2 – School Mask Mandate Executive Order Exception.docx (

Do not ever forget, “things get to terrible places, one tiny step at a time.” It’s called incrementalism, folks. It ceases when we do not agree. Do not agree to tyranny. DISOBEY.

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