Say NO to Cimino As LCPS SB Rep for Leesburg

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Why do we say NO to Todd Cimino to replace Beth Barts?

  1. Cimino will fight to KEEP YOUR KIDS MASKED and ANYONE who is UNMASKED is “Unpatriotic”.  Do we really need someone like this on the school board?  If Cimino wants to wear a mask, have at it, however to call others that do not wear a mask “unpatriotic” is offensive.  What if I were to say that someone that does not identify only as a boy or girl is “unpatriotic”?  Cimino would have his rainbow colored flag in an uproar, rhetoric goes both ways Cimino.
  2. Anyone remember the “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” (Chardonnay Antifa)?  Yup, Cimino belongs to that group as well.  The one school board member that resigned, who also lead the charge for CA to go after parents, students, etc. could be replaced by ANOTHER member of the same group that came after parents?  Really?
  3. My personal favorite is Cimino is a board member and Treasurer of the Pro Policy 8040 Group Equality Loudoun.  Yup, Cimino and Equality were privileged (ironic use of this word) to internal LCPS email communications regarding the Abstention votes by certain school board members (see below).  You see, Equality Loudoun and Cimino were, again, “secretly” involved in helping push a radical and ideological agenda.  Let us not also forget the level of contempt Cimino has for Tanner Cross “(kids) should no place in any classroom.  It is unsafe for Loudoun students and we will not tolerate it”.  You better believe Cimino and Equality Loudoun will seek to make more difficult for Tanner Cross if he is elected and shame parents and students even further than LCPS already has.

Why in God’s name would we want a He/Him to replace Beth Barts?  Cimino has shown his true rainbow colors, and what IS and is NOT a priority for him.  Teachers and students that do not share in his radical ideology, well they will not count, pronouns and masks are required.

If Brenda Sheridan and crew vote this man in, the entire Loudoun County community should be in an uproar.  Not calling for violence, however, people should very clearly express their opinions during a school board meeting if this atrocity should happen.  After all, there were (15) candidates, would they really have to settle on someone that has the amount of baggage and contempt for the community as described above?

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