LCPS School Board

Who Voted For This “Comprehensive Equity Plan” aka “CRT”? “Equity Man” Williams and All of the Equity Gang

LCPS Superintendent: Eric “Equity Man” Williams
Start Term2014
End Term (not soon enough)2022
Annual Salary ($25,000 raise from 2016)$285,000
Salary Deferral (taxable or retirement)$30,000
Annual Car Allowance$12,000
Total Annual Compensation$327,000

1. All LCPS Board Members have “day jobs”, of course, can’t keep a family for $20,000 per year in Loudoun
2. Being an LCPS Board Member is a hard and thankless job, in an ideal world they would be full-time
3. Board members, not all, but some adopt a “Superiority” complex like the Board Chair Brenda Sheridan. Mrs. Sheridan has frequently been heard saying “All final decisions go through me and me only”, whatever.
4. Most of the current LCPS Board members have decent “day jobs” and I can’t believe they wanted to be on the board for the money. So why then? Perhaps to try and make a difference? Maybe to use their life’s experiences for change? Only they know why, but this much I know, it wasn’t to get rich.
5. Why did the LCPS Board vote unanimously to pass Wat’s Up Doc’s “Comprehensive Equity Plan”?:
Possibility #1: Is it possible that all (9) board members have devoted their life to a Marxist movement and their end goal was to ensure the implementation of “Critical Racy Theory” into LCPS?
Possibility #2: Was it the old “bait and switch” by Wat’s Up Doc Williams and the NAACP?
Possibility #3: Did they simply throw caution to the wind and say “WTF” because they did now have adequate time to fully understand, in detail, what the “Comprehensive Equity Plan” was all about as well as each LCPS “Equity Partner”?
My Opinion: I doubt all (9) Board members are Marxists trying to over throw LCPS, but I do believe there a few genuine radicals. Personally, I think they just went with the flow and simply supported Wat’s Up Doc’s mad scientist like plot. I don’t believe that the majority of the board members did the research required to truly understand what the Mad Doc was scheming.

In the end, my question to the board is this: Is $20,000 extra per year worth the devastation your “Yes” vote has and will continue to cause? Are there any board members that are willing to go against the grain and tell Wat’s Up Doc he’s wrong? He may have a Harvard degree but that man has zero common sense and his vision is so cloudy that Mr. MaGoo couldn’t see where he’s headed.

In Closing: Are there any Board members willing to share off the record information and provide details anonymously to Stop! LCPS? I hope so, because right now you aren’t even into (1) year of your (4) year term and if you think this year has been dicey, imagine the next (3) years. Petitions for resignation or recall have already been started in the Loudoun Community. It’s likely none of the board members like Trump and that’s fine BUT there’s one thing no one can deny, he’s a fighter, he doesn’t back down and quite often he wins. Do any of you have an “Inner Trump”? If so, I suggest you get reacquainted with it and you will be the force this school system needs, if not, then continue kowtowing to Wat’s Up Doc, the NAACP and any other Progressive group and 2023 will be here before you know it. Do what’s right not what’s politically expedient

Equity Gang Members: Names, Email Address, Phone Number, Annual Salary and All Terms End on December 31, 2023

Annual Salary: $20,000

Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $20,000
Annual Salary: $22,000