LCPS Principals

Code of Virginia: § 22.1-279.3:1. Reports of certain acts to school authorities

Many people do not realize that under Code of Virginia: § 22.1-279.3:1. Reports of certain acts to school authorities, Amended by HB257, and in effect since July 1, 2021+/-. In a nutshell, the Principal at any school and/or the Superintendent (Professor Ziegler) can act unilaterally as judge, juror, and executioner with any “reportable incident” (see list below). Also below is a listing of every LCPS principal by Elementary, Middle, and High Schools in alphabetical order.

Time to contact your principal and let them know you’re watching.

Whenever any student commits any REPORTABLE INCIDENT (SEE BELOW) as set forth in this section, such student shall be required to participate in such prevention and intervention activities as DEEMED APPROPRIATE by the SUPERINTENDENT or his PRINCIPAL. Prevention and intervention activities shall be identified in the local school division’s drug and violence prevention plans 

Reportable Incidents:

  • assault or assault and battery, without bodily injury, of any person on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity;
  • assault and battery that results in bodily injury,
  • SEXUAL ASSAULT, death, shooting, stabbing, cutting, or wounding of any person,
  • abduction of any person
  • stalking of any person, on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity,
  • any conduct involving alcohol, marijuana, a controlled substance, imitation controlled substance, or an anabolic steroid on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity,
  • the theft or attempted theft of student prescription medications,
  • any threats against school personnel while on a school bus, on school property or at a school-sponsored activity,
  • the illegal carrying of a firearm onto school property,
  • any illegal conduct involving firebombs, explosive materials or devices, or hoax explosive devices, or explosive or incendiary devices, or chemical bombs, on a school bus, on school property, or at a school-sponsored activity,
  • any threats or false threats to bomb

LCPS Elementary School Principals:

 Location NamePrincipal
Aldie Elementary SchoolStephens, Mrs. Tracy Lynn
Algonkian Elementary SchoolBlubaugh, Mr. Brian Jason
Arcola Elementary SchoolStevens, Mr. Andrew Younger
Ashburn Elementary SchoolWalthour, Mrs. Michelle A
Ball’s Bluff Elementary SchoolEwing, Mrs. Jennifer Norma Sonnen
Banneker Elementary SchoolCarter, Mr. Robert Landon
Belmont Station Elementary SchoolMercer, Mrs. Lori A
Buffalo Trail Elementary SchoolRogaliner, Mrs. Alisa Ann
Cardinal Ridge Elementary SchoolAdejumo, Dr. Mojisola Olasunmade
Catoctin Elementary SchoolPlatenberg, Mrs. Janet Alexander
Cedar Lane Elementary SchoolMarple, Mr. Robert L
Cool Spring Elementary SchoolCadwell, Mr. Christopher J
Countryside Elementary SchoolRudnick, Mr. Richard L
Creighton’s Corner Elementary SchoolKnott, Mr. Christopher Lee
Kenneth W. Culbert Elementary SchoolEdwards, Mrs. Monica Allison
Discovery Elementary SchoolPainter, Mr. Christopher Scott
Dominion Trail Elementary SchoolJoseph, Mr. Jeffrey Michael
Emerick Elementary SchoolHaddock, Mrs. Dawn Elise
Evergreen Mill Elementary SchoolLani, Mr. Daniel William Jr.
Forest Grove Elementary SchoolSimon, Mrs. Shontel Denise
Frances Hazel Reid Elementary SchoolJochems, Mrs. Brenda Greer
Frederick Douglass Elementary SchoolLogan, Mrs. Melissa Rachelle
Goshen Post Elementary SchoolKlippel, Mr. Brian Paul
Guilford Elementary SchoolSprowls, Mrs. Lauren Jacqueline
Hamilton Elementary SchoolMeisenzahl, Ms. Kelly M
Hillside Elementary SchoolMills, Mr. Chris Anthony
Horizon Elementary SchoolCarpenter, Mrs. Jasmine Marie
Hutchison Farm Elementary SchoolSmith, Mrs. Heidi Endres
Leesburg Elementary SchoolLacey, Mr. Shawn Rayne
Legacy Elementary SchoolO’Hara, Mrs. Kirsten Lyn
Liberty Elementary SchoolPack, Mr. Paul A
Lincoln Elementary SchoolMichener, Mr. David Dwight
Little River Elementary SchoolMurphy, Mr. Kevin Charles
Lovettsville Elementary SchoolTextoris, Mrs. Linda Marie
Lowes Island Elementary SchoolSparbanie, Mr. Timothy R
Lucketts Elementary SchoolClement, Ms. Carolyn F
Madison’s Trust Elementary SchoolStewart, Mr. David W
Meadowland Elementary SchoolSlepetz Purdy, Mrs. Anna Elizabeth
Mill Run Elementary SchoolCornely, Mr. John Thomas
Moorefield Station Elementary SchoolRoche, Ms. Karen Dorothy
Mountain View Elementary SchoolBroaddus, Mrs. Jill Desser
Newton-Lee Elementary SchoolLyons, Mr. Shawn Michael
Pinebrook Elementary SchoolThiessen, Mr. Paul Gilbert Jr.
Potowmack Elementary SchoolHayden, Mr. Mark Kenneth
Rolling Ridge Elementary SchoolSacco, Ms. Abby Lynn
Rosa Lee Carter Elementary SchoolInsari, Mrs. Diane R
Round Hill Elementary SchoolDavis, Mr. Andrew James
Sanders Corner Elementary SchoolJacques, Mr. Michael Joseph
Seldens Landing Elementary SchoolBrazina, Mr. Garett E
Sterling Elementary SchoolShort, Mrs. Jennifer Meres
Steuart W. Weller Elementary SchoolBurton, Ms. Julia Ellen
Sugarland Elementary SchoolBrady, Ms. Gail Denise
Sully Elementary SchoolO’Neill, Mrs. Colleen M
Sycolin Creek Elementary SchoolRacino, Mr. Derek Allen
John W. Tolbert Jr. Elementary SchoolMullen, Ms. Susan M
Waterford Elementary SchoolHeironimus, Mr. Andrew C
Waxpool Elementary SchoolPellegrino, Mr. Michael Anthony

LCPS Middle School Principals:

 Location NamePrincipal
Belmont Ridge Middle SchoolJohnson, Mrs. Katie Joan
Blue Ridge Middle SchoolBell, Mr. Brion E
Brambleton Middle SchoolDawson, Ms. Renee Michelle
Eagle Ridge Middle SchoolPhillips, Mr. Scott Fredrick
Farmwell Station Middle SchoolLoya, Mrs. Sherryl Dybdal
Harmony Middle SchoolStewart, Mr. Eric L
Harper Park Middle SchoolO’Rourke, Mr. Christopher Paul
J. Michael Lunsford Middle SchoolSimms, Mrs. Carrie Ann
Mercer Middle SchoolDiehl, Mrs. Nikisha Ann
River Bend Middle SchoolShaffer, Mr. David Eugene
Seneca Ridge Middle SchoolCottone, Mr. Nicholas
J.L. Simpson Middle SchoolCompton, Mr. Lenwood Dolan
Smart’s Mill Middle SchoolWaldman, Mr. William Yancey
Sterling Middle SchoolMizell, Mr. Herman Spenard
Stone Hill Middle SchoolClark, Mrs. Kathryn Anne
Trailside Middle SchoolBeichler, Ms. Bridget M

LCPS High School Principals:

 Location NamePrincipal
Briar Woods High SchoolColbert Alzate, Mrs. Sheila Renee
Broad Run High SchoolSpage, Mr. David A
Dominion High SchoolBrewer, Dr. William J (John)
Freedom High SchoolFulton, Mr. Douglas Brian
Heritage High SchoolAdam, Mr. Jeffrey Robert
Independence High SchoolGabriel, Mr. John G
John Champe High SchoolTyson, Mr. Kevin Darnell
Lightridge High SchoolHitchman, Mr. Ryan Patrick
Loudoun County High SchoolLuttrell, Dr. Michelle Lynn
Loudoun Valley High SchoolRoss, Ms. Susan Angela (Sue)
Park View High SchoolDolson, Mr. Kirk A
Potomac Falls High SchoolWolfe, Dr. Brandon Grant
Riverside High SchoolAnderson, Mr. Douglas Allan
Rock Ridge High SchoolDuellman, Mr. John M
Stone Bridge High SchoolFlynn, Mr. Timothy James
Tuscarora High SchoolCroft, Mrs. Pamela Knox
Woodgrove High SchoolShipp, Mr. William S (Sam)