LCPS (16) Steps to Combat “Systemic Racism”

LCPS (16) Glorious Steps to Combat “Systemic Racism”

From where I sit, this is a quick recap of how great this (16) Step Plan to Combat “Systemic Racism” is going. I can feel the division being lifted as I sit here and type. As of 9/30/2020, LCPS has managed to:

  • Change the name of a high school mascot
  • Apologize to the black community (in writing and video) for school segregation that ended in Virginia (53) years ago, 1967 AND the NAACP rejected it
  • Revise hiring practices so that skin color OR ethnicity is priority #1, followed by qualifications. For the record, LCPS has been promising to do this since 2008
  • Create alliances or partnerships with organizations that are Critical Race Theory focused, promote Defunding the Police, Advocate for Black Lives Matter in the Classroom, Racist to the Core and live in the Land of Marxism and Anti-Whiteness
  • Decreased the admission standards for applicants to the Academies of Loudoun, as a result of the NAACP complaining that there were not enough black students. Little does anyone care that the application/admission process did not ask about race or ethnicity. Now, there’s a racial quota system and to hell with merit or ability
  • ** I don’t have a Harvard degree like the “Superintendent” but this seems like a good start for reasons Williams and the Board need to be recalled, quit or relieved of their duties because this is educational malpractice **

  • [COMPLETED] Finalize the comprehensive equity plan​ to guide our work in this important area.​
  • LCPS staff will complete mandatory professional learning (PL) set forth by the division and will either self-prescribe or collaborate with their immediate supervisor to participate in optional PL specific to developing racial literacy, raising racial consciousness, and/or delivering culturally relevant and responsive instruction.
  • The Superintendent’s Cabinet and LCSB will participate in their personal continued professional learning to build equity literacy and racial consciousness.
  • Prohibiting the wearing/flying of flags, images, or symbols onLCPS property that represent racist or hateful ideology, such as Confederate flags, swastikas, etc., which may cause a disruption to positive school/work place cultures.
  • Finalize revisions to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between LCPS and law enforcement.​
  • Finalize the ​Protocol for Responding to Racial Slurs and Hate Speech in Schools ​.​
  • LCPS will implement measures to reduce racial/ethnicity discipline disproportionality.
  • [COMPLETED] Implement measures to increase the diversity of the applicant pool and the population of admitted students at the Academies of Loudoun.
  • [COMPLETED] LCPS will revise hiring protocols, practices, and resources for hiring managers to include but not limited to setting forth requirements for racially diverse interview panels.
  • LCPS will collaborate with the Black community in Loudoun to establish an interpretive display or exhibit such as a statue honoring Black individuals who made significant contributions related to education during segregation. Locations for consideration include theDouglass School andLCPS Administration campuses
  • LCPS Superintendent, the Superintendent’s Cabinet and members of the LCSB who are on the Equity Committee will meet biannually with LCPS staff members of color to connect and offer a safe space to listen and learn about their experiences in LCPS.
  • [UNDERWAY] LCPS will develop and implement a culturally responsive instructional framework and explore the possibility of a legislative action item regarding culturally responsive instruction ​as part of the 2020 legislative program​.
  • [COMPLETED] LCSB will consider the potential renaming of the Loudoun County High School mascot, the Raiders.
  • [COMPLETED] LCPS will maintain a list of resources for the consumption of the broader LCPS community on the ​LCPS Equity webpage​. UPDATE: The resources LCPS has aligned themselves with is appalling
  • LCPS will collect qualitative data regarding racial incidents and use social media to amplify student voices.
  • [COMPLETED] LCPS will formally apologize for the history of operating segregated schools. 9/28/2020: THE NAACP rejected the apology, felt it was worthless