LCPS: 10-9-2020 Teacher Fed Up Quits Writes Equity gang

Date: Fri, Oct 9, 2020
Subject: I can no longer work for a hypocritical school system
To: LCPS-SUP-SCHOOLS <>, Schoolboardemail <>, <>

Dear Superintendent Williams and the LCPS School Board,
As a substitute teacher for Loudoun County Public Schools, I am submitting my resignation because this Superintendent and School Board is promoting hatred, discrimination, and racially motivated behavior.
Indoctrinating our children with this Leftist, Marxist, HYPOcritical Critical Race Theory disgusts me and I will have no part of it.  Racism is wrong across the board. Period. America knows this. We are not a racist country. Stop trying to convince us we are. This is what CRT does. It is UNAmerican. 

The LCPS system has spent 100s of 1000s of dollars of taxpayer (my) money on the training of CRT. This is disgraceful. Books by Ibram X. Kendi are being promoted and this is the person who accused soon-to-be Justice Amy Coney Barrett of “white colonization” because she adopted children from Haiti. Isn’t that racially-motivated slander? Isn’t that promoting hatred and discrimination? Read your own policy, please.
Yet I could be fired if I don’t agree with CRT and its ideology and spoke out about it? This is my first Amendment right, is it not?! How ironic that I have to teach you, our education professionals of all people, about history!
Karl Marx was against the family, against religion, and was a racist himself, so he was against the Black community. How backwards is that? 

During the time of slavery, it was crucial to breakdown the nuclear Black family. If slaves tried to learn how to read or write, they were punished. This is called Oppression. If a Black American today stands up and thinks for him/herself and aligns him/herself with Conservative principles – social punishments ensue! This is a form of Oppression too, is it not?! This is exactly what you are doing to me and all staff who feel the same way as I do.  

Obviously for some time, our educational system has been replaced with the indoctrination of Liberalism and everything the Democratic Party stands for. Do you think this conveys “equity?” The left is trying to regress all aspects of society. It is trying to make everyone depend on the government…don’t believe in anything else: Don’t believe in the family unit. Don’t believe in religion and the moral values it instills. Just put all your trust in the government. Does this sound familiar to you, LCPS?! 

You are dumbing down our kids by not letting them attend school full-time, you inserted a Left-leaning curriculum when you changed our children’s reading books and called them a “Diverse Library,” you have forced teachers to go against their religious beliefs, promoting transgenderism compelling them to use a person’s biologically incorrect pronoun, and I could go on and on…and now you have declared that I am a racist (whether I am in school or not) if I state that I don’t agree with CRT? 

The CRT was developed in California, one of the “bluest” states in these United States of America. So how can you even turn to such a failing state in all aspects but especially education for this type of training when 75% of minority students cannot pass a literacy test? 75%! This is insane.  

I believe the actual words “white privilege” are racist! So I would be fired for saying that?! I believe you are encouraging the Marxist ideology of wiping out differences between individuals and cultural groups of individuals by using CRT – look at Communist China and how they treat the Tibetans and Christians that live there! How is Antifa and BLM any different here in the U.S.? How can you not see this parallel? (Buy BLACKOUT by Candace Owens…you may learn something.)

How dare you – to think you have the right to tell me what to say or how to think. You have crossed a line and you have no excuse.. This world is sliding into a pit of destruction and you are tilting the slope further instead of helping it climb out.