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American society and all of our schools (K-12) have been overrun by radical progressives and racists that are forcing their Critical Race Theory agenda into our kids classrooms. Despite what leftist may say, CRT is NOT about “equality” it’s about bastardized interpretations of “equity”. Ever notice that in the past few years, and especially in 2020 everything in society is racist, and not just people? How about the apparent need to discipline students for improperly using a pronoun? There are many more examples of CRT but I’ll get to the point of this post now.

If you can answer any/all the questions below affirmatively, we need your help. This post is about a “Call to Action” and soliciting help from parents, students, teachers, staff and the rest of the community. Are you able to provide any documentation, video recordings, recorded conversations, emails, texts, lesson plans, etc. from your child’s school or administration with concerns of critical race theory being taught in their schools? Chris Rufo, a filmmaker, writer, policy researcher and CRT expert is requesting real world examples of CRT in schools across the country in order release a “whistleblower” document in the coming weeks to expose the gravity of the situation.

Any information you are willing to share would be completely anonymous. P.A.C.T. has a section on our website called “P.A.C.T. Inside Scoop” where there are plenty of examples of what we’ve exposed and everyone is anonymous, unless instructed otherwise. If your interested in joining the fight (anonymously), please send your information and any questions to:

  • Are you tired of “Wokeness” in our schools?
  • Does it bother you that your child’s school is teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT)?
  • Is it concerning that your kids are learning all about the social justice movement, as well as how & why Black Lives Matter was started and why they are good?
  • Has the equity movement crossed the line when saying white people are born racists?
  • Tired of you and your kids being told that racism is present in every aspect of life, relationship, and interaction?
  • Have you had enough of being told that all aspects of American life are based on white supremacy and all whites are guilty of perpetuating white dominance?
  • Are you done with being told you have always had “white privilege”?

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT)? Critical Race Theory is defined as the recognition “that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of the American society… Institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture. [and its] … power structures… based on white privilege and white supremacy, which perpetuates the marginalization of people of color.”

Please send information, inquiries or questions to:

Help and Share The Message!

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