Racial Equity Tools [Movement for Black Lives]: AN LCPS EQUITY PARTNER

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Wayde Byard Comment in FOIA Reply to a Parent:Loudoun County Public Schools has not collaborated with “the “Southern Poverty Law Center” or “Black Lives Matter” to create a “social justicecurriculum or “Comprehensive Equity Plan”. There are no records related to your request.” Wayde and LCPS are lying. LCPS is deliberately withholding details about their Equity Partners, which is the most sinister aspect of their Critical Race Theory initiative.

  • Do NOT listen to what LCPS says but what they are actually doing
  • Racial Equity Tools is partners with (2) of the Black Lives Matter founders: Aliscia Garza and Patrisse Cullors
  • All LCPS Equity Partner documentation, materials, lessons, etc. are available to ALL K-12 students, parents and teachers

The content in this post comes from Racial Equity Tools Facebook page, a video post promoting The Breathe Act. The video is displayed on a Vimeo webpage that has many, many more videos for “The Movement for Black Lives” (a sample of other videos can be found below).

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