Racial Equity Tools [White Privilege] AN LCPS EQUITY PARTNER

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LCPS continues to say that they are not partnered with any organization that supports or is associated with Southern Poverty Law Center, Black Lives Matter, Racism, Anti-White or Social Justice. This is exactly what Wayde Byard told a parent when he responded to their FOIA request and he flat out lied. Do NOT listen to what they but what is actually going on. With all of the documentation LCPS has provided on their “Comprehensive Equity Plan” initiative, you will not find anywhere, in any of the documentation details about the type of material their Equity Partners have available to Students (K-12), Teachers and Parents. This is the most sinister aspect of the Critical Race Theory movement.

The content in this post comes from Racial Equity Tools, an LCPS Equity Partner. The (45) results below (with corresponding links) are from a simple search for “White Privilege” in RET’s “search” field. I certainly don’t expect parent to click through all links, but do take the time to click through a few, I promise you, you won’t be able to stop at one because you will likely be shocked at what you see.

There is a massive amount of data spread across all of LCPS’s Equity Partners and I will provide as much as I can, it is critical people understand what they are doing. At the bottom of the columns below is one random example from “Everyday Feminism” that students (K-12) can access.

This great information comes to us from Everyday Feminism

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