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Picture(s) Are Worth 22,000 Words

Andrew, sorry buddy, but We The Parents have fought for hard for too long to allow you to retain your LCPS Broad Run SB seat. You have supported EVERYTHING many of us parents and kids cannot except, including Ziegler. We have made many sacrifices, been continual targets of threats & ridicule, and have been flat ignored by the LCPS SB for far too long. You voted against our kids in (4) crucial areas that disqualifies you:

Nick, you are the poster child for EVERYTHING we’ve fought against. You want to keep secrets about parents kids from us, you are fighting to further entrench the radical LGBTQ+ ideology into our schools and into our kids lives, and for some reason you’re proud of this. There is no doubt you’d vote exactly like Hoyler, and likely worse. There’s no way in hell do we want you making decisions that impact our kids education.

Neither of you are qualified at the present time to be the school board rep the LCPS community needs and deserves. Best of luck in your future, but God willing, being the next Broad Run SB rep will not be part of that future.

These (2) Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words Each

These Pictures Are Worth 22,000 Words

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