Perspective From 1998: What’s Wrong With CRT, Opening The Case for The Middle Class Values

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Below is a legal opinion document written by Daniel Subotnik, from the Cornell Journal of Law and Public Policy, in 1998 that provides some historical insight into the thought process of the primary originators of CRT. Admittedly, it’s not the most entertaining thing in the world to go through but I did find a few interesting and noteworthy items:

Page (66-71) C. Where Do We Go From Here?

Instead of the old “politics of distinction” wherein the community rejects the criminal element in an effort to improve social conditions, in the new politics “the ‘community’ chooses to identify itself with its black lawbreakers and does so as an act of defiance. Such an approach might be termed the ‘politics of identification”

This section provides the foundation, justification and insight for the “positive significance of black lawbreaking”. This was the brainchild of a few black law professors, Regina Austin and Derrick Bell, the masterminds behind CRT. The new “politics of identification” created by Austin and Bell paved the way for defiance and the feeling of despair blacks felt in their communities, allowing them to easily justify committing crimes. This created the dangerous mentality of “Why work a 9-5 or minimum wage job, no one will hire me and I can make more money on the streets.

If you go back a few months, a BLM spokesidiot in Chicago justified the looting because the black community deserved whatever goods they could steal AND that the businesses had “insurance”, so they would get their money back. This seed was developed and planted over (20) years ago by Austin and Bell. How in the hell does this way of thinking advance ANY race, ethnicity or cause. They set forth to destroy black communities for the greater good of CRT. This whole narrative began in the early 1900’s when the Communist Society of America created the Negro Communist Commission. Personally, I think the “Critical Thinking” that needs to happen is black communities need to think critically and understand how and why things are the way they are. Is it “Systemic Racism” OR “Implicit Bias”? Nope, these are just stupid theories created by white Liberals and pushed into the black communities by legal academic black proxies. I’d start with the Negro Communist Commission, the NAACP, and move right on up to Regina Austin and Derrick Bell.

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