PACT Takes Bannons War Room LIVE to LCPS SB Rally (11/9/21)

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PACT had the absolute pleasure to broadcast tonight’s Loudoun County Public Schools, School Board Meeting LIVE with Bannons War Room!! Not once, not twice BUT THREE TIMES! “Loudounize” has now become a regularly used verb on Bannons War Room! Thank you Steve! Thank you for the platform and for giving PACT a voice to continue to inform parents exactly what is happening, not just in Loudoun but across our great country!

Excellent job Tiffany continuing to move the stagnate CRT discussion beyond simply Marxism and Communism (which is true) and truly into the minds of parents across the nation the WHAT and HOW CRT has manifested into their children’s classrooms and all of the schools! It is time to ORGANIZE, MOBILIZE AND…………LOUDOUNIZE the entire country, our future and our kids future depends on it!

LCPS SB Rally Video #1

LCPS SB Rally Video #2

LCPS SB Rally Video #3

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