PACT Proclamation: Columbus Day Is Back. Indigenous People’s Day, Well Pick Another Day

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People and corporations across the country have become so damn woke that they have changed the names of sport teams, mascot, cereal, drinks, pancakes, rice, and of course holidays. We’re living in a world where that has devoted an ENTIRE month to “Pride” and yet we have only ONE DAY to honor our vets. Maybe it’s just me but I’ll take a SEAL over a Unicorn any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

We reject LCPS’s ridiculous “proclamation” to change, with the stroke of a keyboard, “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous People’s Day”. These lunatics are literally rewriting history. Right we all see the BS they are tying to do, however, a kindergartner student today will grow up to believe Christopher Columbus was just an Italian racist that was unable to befriend Native Americans like the Lone Ranger did with Tonto. Next, they will be telling us that Zoro was actually the LBGTQ Blade.

You want “Indigenous People’s Day”? Not a problem in the world, equality for everyone! Pick a different day and quit twisting EVERYTHING to suit your radical, racist, and hateful ideology. We’re American’s not lab specimens. Long live Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day Loudoun County Public Schools!

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