PACT Personal Advocacy Assistance Now Available

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As we’ve said before, the time is NOW to advance the entire Critical Race Theory discussion. Constantly discussing the obvious, CRT is implemented, only distracts people and parents from where they are needed most, fighting back against the radical and progressive material manifesting its way into our kids classrooms. It’s like debating with someone that 2+2=4, we know it does and always will, so why the debate, what’s left to prove?

Second Step Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Learning for Justice, Southern Poverty Law Center, Teachers Pay Teachers, and Panorama is the here and now. The problem is that there is so much material, how do parents even begin fighting for their kids? That’s where PACT can come in and help!

PACT’s newest Bad Ass mom, Tiffany Polifko, has come on the scene with both guns a blazing (metaphorically speaking of course). Tiffany is not your normal mom fighting for our kids, she is a Behavioral Analyst that has been working with kids and teens of all ages with a variety challenges they face in school. While fighting for her own kids, Tiffany has become an expert in understanding Second Step and Social Emotional Learning. She recognizes that this is far beyond politics, celebrity status, and a discussion stuck in neutral. She has been focused on what she can control, helping parents with what Second Step SEL is doing to all of our kids.

If you’re interested in understanding more about PACT’s FREE (zero hooks or catches) Personal Advocacy Assistance, contact us at the email addresses below. Unfortunately, at the present time, PAA is only available in Loudoun County (this may change in the near future). However, we are working on hosting a variety of online SEL and Learning for Justice discussions for people across the country. If you’re from outside Loudoun County, please email us and let us know where you’re from, the nature of your concerns and if you think we can help “Loudounize” your school district, as we’re hoping to expand. OR

Help and Share The Message!