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The Civil Rights Movement had emphasized equal rights and treating people as individuals, as opposed to members of a racial collective.  It was Martin Luther King, Jr. that said “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  For all of the sacrifices and advances that MLK and other Civil Rights Leaders made, Critical Race Theory erases those sacrifices and progress from history, and replaces it with a Marxist driven ideology that is turning America upside down and creating levels of division not seen since before the Civil Rights Movement began. 

Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory dwells on inequalities of outcome, which it generally attributes to racial power structures.  CRT teaches in classrooms across the country, grades K-12, that America was a country founded on the basis of White Supremacist principals and that every aspect of America today is centered around White Supremacy.  There are many CRT beliefs but we’ve captured the Top (10) to give you an idea of what our kids are being taught: 

1. All white people are oppressors and all minorities are oppressed
2. Data, facts, and scientific methods are examples of “whiteness” and are “inherently racist.”
3. Racism is inherent in all white people (all white people are born racist)
4. White people only help black people if it’s self-serving.
5. White people must recognize their White Privilege/Whiteness and denounce it in order for society to become equitable
6. Racism is present in every aspect of life, relationships, education, science, finance, technology, media, etc.
7. Individualism is not permitted in Critical Race Theory
8. CRT is against free societies
9. Anyone who disagrees with CRT is a racist even if those people are black
10. Victims must be believed and the oppressors are guilty because of the color of their skin, no due process

Background on Why P.A.C.T. is Fundraising?

Our school district, Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) spent $422,000 on a Racial Equity Assessment and the net results were the county upended the entire educational system so that it is 100% focused on eradicating White Supremacy from our schools.  They are also educating kids/teachers and parents on how their White Privilege and Implicit Biases have contributed to the oppression of minorities and minimized their opportunity at a fair and equal life. 

We began an initiative to bring awareness to our community about Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory being introduced into our children’s classrooms.  Classroom instructions include but are not limited to: Why Black Lives Matter is a righteous movement, how to organize a protest and student walk-out based on Black Lives Matter instruction, denouncing white students “White Privilege”, “Whiteness” and to apologize to minorities for things they have never done.  Additionally, the county has reduced the academic requirements for admission acceptance to STEM schools at the direction and insistence of minority organizations in the community. 

As we began to research many of the “Equity Partners” our school system has aligned themselves with we learned how incredibly racist and radical this movement is.  The promotion of Defunding the Police, how prevalent BLM “educational” materials was and how overall degrading their information was to White people.  This is an incredibly unfair and dangerous initiative, not just to White students but for all students.  Finally, our school system is currently finalizing and getting ready to pass a proposal that would punish any teacher that is critical of Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory.  Between this and the amount of money our county has spent on a report that basically concludes the school system needs to reeducate White students, it has attracted national attention from Mark Levin, Judicial Watch and many prominent news outlets. 

What P.A.C.T. is Fundraising For:

This CRT problem is not just a local problem but national concern and P.A.C.T. is focused on bringing awareness far and wide.  We have created this GoFundMe account to raise money for:

– Printing and marketing materials
– Newspaper and web ads
– Facility rentals for CRT workshops, education and how to get involved and fight school systems
– Possible travel expenses for speaking engagements or events
– Creating a 501 C(3) organization
– Legal fees
– Current website:
– Design and launch of our new PACT website

What we have started is grassroots by definition.  We need to take full advantage of the bad press our school system (Loudoun County Public School) and Critical Theory/Critical Race Theory has rightfully received to ignite a firestorm nationwide and help provide assistance to extinguish it before it gets further out of control.  We are aiming to be the new authority on why CRT is bad for all kids, school systems and all people in America.  Please visit our current website to learn more about what is going on in our county and soon yours:

Thank you for your time, consideration and any donations you may make.

Help and Share The Message!

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