PACT is NOT Going Anywhere, The Fight Is Far Beyond Schools and It’s Time To Escalate. Introducing Virginia Overwatch and Project Restore Virginia

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PACT has fought for almost the past (2) years to expose CRT and the tenets of CRT in Loudoun County, across Virginia and the nation. We’ve helped others to “Loudounize” in Texas, Michigan, and Massachusetts. However, while school boards have been a big focus, is this where the Progressive problems started, ended or both? Probably both. The Progressive takeover in our communities cannot happen without the help and influence from local, state and congressional elected officials, and community “organizers”. In comes VA Overwatch.

We’ve developed a framework called “Candidate Reality Awareness (CRA)”. Think of the CRA as a giant funnel. VA Overwatch and Project Restore VA are collecting vasts amounts of “intelligence” on Progressive candidates, including; social media, media, legislation, voting records, donors, donations as well as receiving 50GB+ of data on a daily basis from a variety resources thanks to the custom API’s and coding that PRV has developed. Next, we are filtering all of this data into three categories:

  • Progressive Ideology
  • Corruption
  • Deception

From there, we will be providing the output into two different streams:

  • Messaging/Communications/Awareness through social media, our primary website and to numerous other domains currently being created such as,, and We also have an additional 30+ domains on standby
  • Project Restore VA (PRV) will host a separate website with a scoring system based on the above attributes for ALL (Republican and Democrat) elected officials at the Virginia State and Local levels, and how they align with PRV’s Constitutional categories: Freedom, Education, Public Safety, and Taxes.

We want to save people time, therefore we will bring the information to you in a central location. Not everyone follows politics but politics DOES follow everyone and if we can bridge that gap by even a single percentage point then we’re on the right track.

The “official” launch of VA Overwatch will be by the end of March, along with, and both will be continually updated. Stay tuned for more details as we move forward in the 2022 Midterms and progress into 2023!

Help and Share The Message!