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PACT Begins Releasing ALL FOIA Documents Collected Over The Years (400 so far). Transparency Right?



Over the years PACT has collected many documents from FOIA’s, teachers, students, etc.  I’d like to think we’ve put out some good information.  However, there is one problem, with hundreds, and hundreds of documents and only two eyeballs I’m sure some things have been overlooked.  That’s why I’ve decided to share them all with you.  Additionally, we are not charging a dime for any documents, no user names, and passwords are required.  I don’t care about media appearances, editorials or notoriety.  We’re running out of options folks.  Loudoun County has been in the media nonstop for almost (3) years and yet here we are.  There aren’t any silver bullets or magical solutions.  As a community, we must strive for the absolute best, a fully Conservative School Board, Board of Supervisors, Delegates, Senators, Commonwealth Attorney, and dog catcher.  The Democrats/Liberals/Progressives DO NOT share the same ideals, principles, or accountability that we need if we stand a chance of getting back to some sense of “normalcy”.  RINO’s, well they’re sellouts.  We’ve gone so far Left as a nation and community that it’s getting difficult to recognize reality, and that’s by design.  Cute phrases like “common ground” OR “diversity of thought” OR “reach across the aisle” mean nothing anymore.  Don’t be duped by the media or these cute phrases or ones that sound similar. Enough destruction and no more capitulation. 


Perhaps people that are interested in doing some research will find this page helpful.  It’s a work in progress and currently, the new Document Library only has about 400 documents uploaded which have been placed in closely matching categories.


So what do you do?  Pick a category, for example, Judicial Watch.  There’s a total of (8) documents but close to 4,000 pages all devoted to LCPS.  Pick a document, look for key LCPS players: Reaser, Serotkin, Morse, Ashley Ellis, Asia Jones, etc. and press “Control-F” and use the keyword search function.  This will help to get you started.  You’re looking for things that don’t make sense, blatant lies, irregularities, and patterns of behavior with the ultimate goal of connecting the dots.  This isn’t for the faint of heart, it can be time-consuming, boring, and thankless.


It’s up to you how and if you want to get involved, SB meetings aren’t for everyone BUT evidence, proof and fact wield power.  If our objective is to take down and further expose the LCPS SB and Administration, FOIA’ed documentation is proven to be one of the best methods.  There is a lot of documentation and I will continue to add more.  


If you have any questions OR FOIA documents you wish to share, please send an email to:  Access the Document Library here (or by clicking on one of the images)





Help and Share The Message!