PACT Announces Project: “Unfinished Business”, Former Superintendent Eric Williams

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Well Loudoun County parents, LCPS got rid of Equity Man Eric Williams and are stuck (for now anyways) with Scott Ziegler. As most know, Eric Williams got himself a new gig in Clear Creek, TX at CCISD as their new superintendent. It should come to no surprise that Equity Man is now doing to CCISD what he did to us in Loudoun. The parents in CCISD were never told about the abrupt changes, so they did not have the ability to mobilize and fight this poor decision. Now, they have mobilized and have reached out for help. PACT considers Equity Man unfinished business, hence “Project Unfinished Business”.

What does this mean? It means we will Loudounize CCISD and do all we can to help them. This is where Loudoun County parents come in. Throughout this fight we’ve all said we need to help others across the country to prevent the destruction of their school districts and a radical take-over. This is truly a unique situation since we know A LOT about Equity Man and all he’s done and now he’s doing the same thing in another school district. God is watching and we need to hold ourselves accountable to what we have and continue to say, helping others.

So what can you do? Start sending emails to Equity Man and ALL of the CCISD SB members reminding them and informing them that Equity Man has NO business governing school districts (all emails and phone numbers listed below). Send them FOIA’s you may have received, news articles, personal experiences, anything and everything to make sure we can help CCISD to “disrupt and dismantle” Equity Man’s radical ways.

Below is an email PACT sent earlier today to Equity Man. There’s (2) things we know for sure: #1 This is going to be a major story (confirmed) and #2 We have A LOT of “receipts”, thanks to a newly formed group of warrior parents. Please help us to Loudounize CCISD and put Equity Man in an untenable situation, using facts, proof and evidence of course.

Equity Man’s Superintendent Cabinet

Help and Share The Message!