9/21/21: Remembering the battle of Loudoun County Public Schools. Did us “normies” make God angry?

These are just a few of the lowlights here with good ole’ Loudoun County Public Schools. There are far more news articles, TV, radio, and details surrounding the corruption and scandals that plague our school system. NAACP, Board of Supervisors, Adjunct NAACP “non-profits”, backroom deals and a superintendent that is…..we’ll just leave it there.

9/20/21: PACT to Hold Second Step SEL/CASEL and Learning for Justice Workshop for Parents: 10/16/21 1-3pm

Loudoun County Public Schools, much like elsewhere in the nation, is using a company called “Second Step” for their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) student reprogramming curriculum. Second Step also combines resources and tools from Learning for Justice, a Southern Poverty Law Center business and is also a major Equity Partner with LCPS. These two programs

9/20/21: LCPS SEL Specialist, Lindsay Orme Is Hiding Their Sinister Activities, BUT We Have Some “Receipts” to Back This Up

Parents, we have reached an extremely important point in our kids education and you have ALL got to get involved. What they are doing to our kids is unconscionable and has to be stopped. Rise up and protect your kids, help PACT call these people out! Contact Your Child’s Principal. All LCPS PRINCIPALS CLICK HERE

9/19/21: Navigating the Terminology in EdEquity Virginia, Learning for Justice, and Second Step

The words/terms/phrases below are directly from EdEquity Virginia’s “Roadmap to Equity”. There is an obvious theme that parents must pay close attention to when reading through EdEquity VA. You may also come across words like “transform” OR “transformation” OR “transformative”. It is very important that you read through this material with a critical eye and

9/19/21: Sirens Blaring At LCPS Admin As “Sports Equity” Becomes Undiscussed Possibility As Unicorn Mascots Take Over

This is not real LCPS’s Stone Bridge HS Football Team had an amazing 2020/2021 season, they went undefeated: Stone Bridge vs Riverside HS: 61-7 Stone Bridge vs Freedom HS: 68-14 Stone Bridge vs Potomac Falls HS: 42-6 Stone Bridge vs Woodgrove HS: 49-7 Stone Bridge vs Briar Woods HS: 56-29 Stone Bridge HS averaged 55

9/18/21: Dr. James Lindsay Discusses EdEquity Virginia’s “Acknowledgements” Page at PACT To School

During our PACT to School event in late August, Dr. Lindsay reviewed EdEquity Virginia’s “Roadmap”. The event was about (5) hours and we are finally starting to release some videos of Dr. Lindsay’s assessment. This video is devoted entirely to the very first page, “Acknowledgements”. You will never look at an “Acknowledgements” page the same

9/17/21: LCPS School Board Member, Atoosa Reaser Encourages Public to Vote for Democrats from Official LCPS Account

How can LCPS School Board member, Atoosa Reaser be expected to vote fairly on Leslie King’s replacement in the Broad Run District? She can vote for whoever she wants, however, to encourage the public to vote for ALL Democrats seems a bit biased to me. Didn’t Barts recently say the board is not political?

9/17/21: LCPS SB Board Member, Beth Barts Recalls June 22, 2021 Meeting and Being Whisked Into the LCPS “Safe Room”. Are You Fricken Kidding Me?

“It was difficult for me to move beyond those fears and trust that what happened that night would not happen again. I keep going back in my mind to calling my mom from our safe room letting her know I was ok. Assuring her and my husband an officer was right outside the door.”

9/14/21: LCPS Superintendent Timothy Ziegler Has Parent Shut Down. Remember “We Will Silence the Opposition”?

LCSB meetings always add new fodder. If these people aren’t begging for money (Atoosa Reaser), being dragged into court for threatening parents (Beth Barts), forcing constituents to use “Jazz Hands” (Brenda Sheridan), they are continually trying to “silence the opposition”. Personally, I think Timothy Ziegler stepped in it tonight. Watch and you be the judge:

9/14/21: Is LCPS School Board Member Atoosa Reaser Broke? Why is She Begging for Money?

It appears that LCPS School Board member, Atoosa Reaser has been triggered. She “woke up with a news alert that a political group spent $500,000 buying TV advertising to air during the game-it’s aimed at discrediting our schools and the School Board.” Atoosa, allow me to set you straight. YOU and your Chardonnay ANTIFA initiated

9/12/21: LCPS Stone Bridge High School’s Card Carrying Socialist Teacher, Openly Wants to Defund Police and Organize for Social Justice Fight

Meet Matthew Sarmiento. Matt is an LCPS Stone Bridge HS 9th Grade English Teacher. He’s also a card carrying Socialist that runs the Stone Bridge HS’s Democratic Socialist of America Club. Matt also advocates for the Defunding of the Police and organizing and fighting for Social Justice. I get that this is an after school

9/11/21: UPDATE! Evidence of Chardonnay ANTIFA and Commonwealth Attorney Buta Biberaj Targeted Kids

On 5/26/21 Daily Wire posted an article about Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney @biberajbb and Chardonnay ANTIFA targeting kids on social media of parents they hate. Chardonnay ANTIFA Messaged: “Anyone else with the racist TikTok’s from you know who’s kids please PM me.” Another member responded “fight this s**t together,” @biberajbb, the county’s top prosecutor, said

9/11/21: New! School Board Step Down Shirts!

New school year, same fight better messaging for Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William County’s, as well as for any community across the country! Loudoun, Fairfax, and Prince William County Loudoun County SB Step Down, $24.00 Fairfax County SB Step Down, $24.00 Prince William County SB Step Down, $24.00 School Board Step Down (General) $18.00 $15.00 $18.00

9/11/21:Disgraceful FCPS Board Member and Radical Islamist, Abrar Omeish, Spends 1 Paragraph Honoring Dead Americans, 10 Lamenting Muslim Discrimination

Why would the FCPS district elect and support a known radical Islamist like Abrar Omeish? Equity, diversity, white guilt? Probably all three. For those that like to read into something that is NOT there, notice my words “Radical Islamist” and not “Radical Muslim”, there is a big difference. No problems whatsoever with Muslims, but Radical

9/9/21: LCPS, LCBS, Equity Committee and NAACP Cry Racism, But Where Are They Now?

For quite some time, LCPS, LCBS, NAACP, and the Equity Committee have been telling EVERYONE how racist Loudoun County is AND white people are oppressors. Why would they do this? Because they are ignorant and only care about MONEY and POWER. Where’s the outrage over white radical racist liberals pelting a black conservative with eggs

9/9/21: Please Share This Post With Beth Barts

Since Barts blocks FB posts and Twitter, could someone from the Chardonnay Antifa gang share this post along to Beth? Love to see her social media reaction and attempts to cause trouble…..again! Tonight was a great night! Got to hang out with John Beatty, LCPS School Board Member at the 1776 Action and Fight for

9/5/21: Second Step SEL Digital Curriculum Alignment With CASEL (5-C’s). Being Competent in the 5-C’s Is a Graduation Requirement

Loudoun Warriors are amazing. With the flood of SEL material over the past week from various and unrelated educators (teachers, admins, etc.) people should be taking these posts with the utmost urgency to avoid having mini-ANTIFA like kids running around. It’s bad enough we’re told Loudoun suffers from a white supremacy pandemic with zero proof.

9/5/21: NEW! Teaching Second Step SEL Using Digital Curriculum. Parents Everywhere, SEL Is A Disaster and Aimed At Creating Social Justice Warriors

I was talking to someone earlier today and the question came up “What do the 5-C’s and SEL have to do with each other? How can parents completely opt-out their kids from SEL and yet the 5-C’s are required to graduate?” This is where LCPS and Virginia try to hold SEL as leverage over you

9/4/21: The Importance of SEL Development “Measuring SEL Using Data”. SEL Blueprint for Mind Manipulation from Pre-k to Adulthood

For those unaware, “Social-Emotional-Learning” or “SEL” is 100% devoted to reeducating/reprogramming the way your kids think. At the root of SEL is Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Anti-White curriculum, and the entire purpose is to create equal outcomes through “equity”. When you see any of the following words/phrases keep reading and reread and this plot will become

9/4/21: What SEL Materials Are in Your Elementary Student’s Classroom? PACT Now Has 100+ SEL Elementary School Resources Available for Review

The books and videos listed on our new page (109) are a representation of the literary materials LCPS Elementary Schools are using today.  This may not be all of the materials but should provide parents a good place to start.  Categories: Celebrating Diversity Community Building COVID Learning Feeling and Emotions Growth Mindset Kindness SEL: Elementary

9/2/21: LCPS Superintendent “So glad the [Equity] committee will be vigilant against any hate crimes that might occur due to the upcoming commemoration of the 20th anniversary of 9/11.”

It’s no secret that PACT has absolutely no respect for Superintendent Ziegler, for many obvious reasons. Can also add the LCSB, Equity Committee and NAACP to the list. How in the hell can a school district superintendent strongly suggest that white LCPS students and staff might commit hate crimes towards Muslims because of the 20th

9/2/21: Does LCPS’s Second Step SEL Reprogramming Agenda Got You Angry? Don’t know What to Do? Contact the LCPS SEL “Specialists”

LCPS’s Second Step SEL reprogramming initiative has upset a lot of parents and rightfully so. If you’re as frustrated, concerned and angry as others, contact LCPS’s SEL “Specialists” for answers. They’ll likely provide you with canned platitudes and innocuous statements, don’t accept them. Make them tell you that YOU as the parents are NOT allowed

9/1/21: Attention LCPS Parents, Additional Information About the Second Step SEL Program. LCPS: “Second Step does not allow us to post or share materials used for teacher instruction.” Red Flag Right There

Here is some information that parents need to know about the county-wide SEL program, Second Step, which is being used in all schools across the county for at least 20 minutes per day: Vague interpretations of SEL standards on VDOE and lack of curriculum framework. The social awareness standards and relationship skill standards, in particular, for any

9/1/21: LCPS Teacher Required Training: “We must build a future where WHITE DOMINANT CULTURE is DISMANTLED” – Equity in the Center

“We must build a future where WHITE DOMINANT CULTURE is DISMANTLED” The is absolutely NO training, education, lessons, discussions, meetings, “groups”, etc. happening in LCPS that is NOT 100% centered around race, racism, “dismantling white supremacy”. Now we have upcoming teacher training courtesy of “Equity in the Center”, see what their vision is below. Where

9/1/21: Daily Wire: This Will Drive Race Hustlers and Progressives Nuts!!

Is That Progressive Idea Actually Racist? This High-Tech Tool Can Help You Find Out A Chrome browser extension lets you see if progressive rhetoric is actually illiberal. ByLuke Rosiak•Sep 1, 2021 Does something seem a little off about that corporate diversity consultant’s plan to separate people by races? Is there anything wrong with the government

8/31/21: PWCPS Has Hundreds of Openings. What About Diverse Hiring Practices? Well, PWCPS Hires 100+ Teachers From Outside the US

It seems a bit odd that PWCPS is claiming to have a strong focus on more diverse and “equitable” hiring practices and yet they are still in need of hundreds of teachers, coaches, and bus drivers. To make things even more confusing with their “diverse” and “equitable” hiring practices initiative is that PWCPS has hired

8/30/21: PACT Will Be Platinum Sponsor of 1776 Action and Fight for Schools “Rally to Save Our Schools” Featuring Dr. Ben Carson On September 8th, 2021

PACT is proud to announce that we will be a Platinum Sponsor of the 1776 Action and Fight for Schools “Rally to Save Our Schools” featuring Dr. Ben Carson on Wednesday, September 8, 2021! Join Dr. Ben Carson, Glenn Youngkin & Winsome Sears for a special event on stopping anti-American indoctrination in K-12 schools. About

8/30/21: PWC SB Chair Wants to Limit Public Comments? Truth is He Doesn’t believe In Transparency and Public Discussion (his words)

The Prince William County School Board will consider a slew of changes to its public comment policy at its next meeting Sept. 1, including requiring advance sign-up for speakers, requiring that their comments be “directly” related to school policy or operations, and banning signs unless they’re part of a division-approved student presentation. According to the

8/30/21: PWC School Board Chair Babur Lateef Admits to CRT in Private Text Then Lies to Parent About Not Teaching CRT. Babur is a HUGE LIAR!

LCPS’s Jazz-Hands has some competition with the PWCSB’s Babur “The Liar” Lateef. A concerned PWC citizen submitted a FOIA to the PWC School Administration and what he was provided is astounding. There’s probably 10-12 text screenshots but the most important one is below. Babur is chatting with Kate Olson-Flynn (not one of the Olson twins),

8/30/21: Teacher from Utah RESIGNS Over Second Step SEL REprogramming Material. This is the Same Org. LCPS Uses and Ziegler Doesn’t Have An Opinion About

It’s quite stunning really, SEL is the BIGGEST educational initiative this school year and the LCPS Superintendent has no opinion on the resources being used to reprogram our kids, “Second Step”. This teacher from Utah does an amazing job laying out why he resigned because of Second Step.

8/29/21: LCPS Superintendent Ziegler Can’t Understand Why Parents Feel “Second Step” is Reprogramming Our Kids Into Anti-Tacist Social Justice Warriors

I don’t think it’s a surprise that LCPS Superintendent Ziegler thinks parents are stupid and I think this underscores that point. Notice how Ziegler says at the bottom of his FB comment “I don’t have an opinion about Second Step“? How can he say that there’s a “kerfuffle” about a program that he does not

8/27/21: Update! PACT’s Parental “Opt-Out” Letter Is the Only “Opt-Out” Letter Endorsed by Dr. James Lindsay and Is Being Offered As a Parental Resource By Founding Freedoms Law Center in Virginia

The Parental “Opt-Out” Letter that PACT has been pushing out is based on FERPA’s Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), 20 U.S.C. § 1232h. Additionally, it highlights in no uncertain terms, that implicit and/or unconscious bias assessments/tests are considered strictly scientific research and that it’s not ethical to require people to participate in such scientific

8/24/21: The Radical NAACP Has Teamed Up With LCPS and They Literally Have Your Kids. Listen to Audio and/or Read Transcript

“the equity assessment and the NAACP have recommended implicit bias training for all administrators, staff and teachers. Yes, and that plan is actually in place. ” On October 8, 2019, Kojo Nnamdi interviewed Lottie Spurlock (LCPS Equity Director), Michelle Thomas (President of NAACP), and Graig Meyer (Partner, The Equity Collaborative) about how racist Loudoun County Public

8/24/21: LCPS Anti-Racist and SEL Reprogramming Plot Thickens

On 8/23/21, we posted some information about an LCPS Equity Partner “Second Step”.  “Second Step” is being used for SEL “education” in LCPS and is ULTRA focused on Anti-Racism and transforming our kids to indoctro-bots.   After doing some digging, it seems that “Second Step” is owned by “Committee for Children” who also owns “The Imagine

8/24/21: How Students Can Voice Record Their Teacher, Principal, Superintendent, and School Board Members

We have technology so let’s use it! Today, cell phones, whether iPhone or Android come with so many features that many are overlooked. One nifty feature that many are unaware of is the ability to record conversations using a Voice Record app, standard on both iPhone and Androids. Parents, if you’re not familiar, learn it

8/24/21: i-Ready – Curriculum Associates Anti-Racist “Assessments” Update

The image is from a fellow LCPS warrior. There are two very important things to remember about i-Ready/Curriculum Associates: Curriculum Associates is 1000% fully vested in pushing Anti-Racist training, materials and assessments LCPS does share data with the NAACP directly or indirectly via an Equity Advisor that rolls up to the Equity Committee that has

8/23/21: LCPS SEL Brainwashing Partner “Second Step” In Full-Effect

As part of Virginia and LCPS’s advancement in reprogramming your kids comes “Second Step”, “A holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning.” Boy that sounds nice, but man it is just NOT GOOD. As far as we can tell, Second Step will be heavily utilized in LCPS to push Social Emotional

8/23/21: The Great Parent Revolt

Katharine Cornell Gorka@GorkaKatie Director, Civil Society and the American DialogueKatie Gorka serves as Director of the Feulner Institute’s Center for Civil Society and the American Dialogue. KEY TAKEAWAYS As overreach in classrooms by progressive school administrators, nonprofits and the federal government has reached new heights, parents are fighting back. Whether it’s age-inappropriate sex education, critical

8/23/21: Warning Parents: Do NOT Allow Your Kids to Participate in LCPS’s Anti-Racist Assessments. They Begin September 7, 2021

i-Ready is Curriculum Associates. The Specialize in Anti-Racism Training, Teaching, and Assessments. First paragraph, last sentence, LCPS states “Some of the data is collected through day-to-day informal assessments“. These “assessments” are based on 100% Anti-Racist perspectives. Download, Fill-Out and Turn in Your Opt-Out Letter NOW!! 8/23/21: Email from LCPS to All Parents: The new school

8/22/21: “Opt-Out” Letter We Must “Disrupt and Dismantle” Radical Ideology Bringing Great harm to Our Kids

This “opt-out” letter is centered around the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA). It will provide parents with help in the following areas: School District that requires my/our child(ren) to answer questions specifically regarding: race, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, family structure, and/or

8/18/21: Confirmed! Nicole Solas, Mom Being Sued by NEA Will Be attending “PACT to School” Event on August 21, 2021

PACT has worked out arrangements to bring Nicole Solas to our “PACT to School” event on August 21, 2021 featuring James Lindsay, Asra Nomani and Luke Rosiak! We will be setting aside some time to hear about Nicole’s fight with her school district and the NEA filing a lawsuit against her for inquiring about CRT

8/18/21: PACT Announces A Legal Pathway for Loudoun, Fairfax and Prince William County Teachers If CRT Has You In A Precarious or Untenable Position In Your School

PACT is excited to announce that we are now aligned with one of the world’s largest legal organizations that is committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, and parental rights to help school teacher’s in Loudoun, Fairfax or Prince William County. If Critical Race Theory (CRT) curriculum, training, disciplinary threats, etc. is putting you in

8/16/21: URGENT! Parents Remember this Post on 8/21/21: Biden Education Department to Collect Massive School Civil Rights Data for ‘Equity’

Parents, whatever you do, protect your kids from this garbage. We have got to push back, and on Saturday, August 21, PACT will be providing parents with assistance to help avoid what Biden is trying to do, as well as LCPS. Save this post or save the linked page, we’re going to need it! Breitbart

8/15/21: Draft Exemption from Virginia Mask Mandate

Draft Exemption from Virginia Mask Mandate: Whereas, the State of Virginia is not in a state of emergency; Whereas, Virginia’s public schools are not under a state of emergency; Whereas, the Virginia State Health Commissioner’s Order states that any person who declines to wear a mask because of a medical condition or any person with

8/11/21: Virginia Voters, If CRT Is a BIG Concern of Yours Contact Your Candidate and Tell Them To Attend the Anti-CRT Event With James Lindsay, Asra Nomani and Luke Rosiak on 8/21/21

Send your candidate the link below and tell them to attend the “PACT to School” event with Dr. James Lindsay, Asra Nomani and Luke Rosiak, especially after what happened at the LCPS School Board meeting on 8/10/21. The clock is ticking and we have zero time to waste, strongly encourage your candidate to attend. Their

8/11/21: Luke Rosiak, Daily Wire “Third-Grade Lesson On Virginia State Education Website Appears To Glorify Communism”

A lesson plan on a website registered to the Virginia Department of Education has third graders learn that police hate black men and watch a video that appears to glorify communism. The typo-ridden lesson plan, provided for use by any teacher in the state, is credited to five teachers, including Chesapeake Public Schools teachers Candice Anthony-Cazenave

8/11/21: On 8/12/21 Save Our Albemarle County Students From The Implementation Of Critical Race Theory! Please Attend!!

Details Event by Philip Andrew Hamilton Albemarle County Office Building 401 McIntire Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22902Public  Albemarle County School Board meeting House of Delegates Candidate Philip Andrew Hamilton will be leading a rally calling for the board to not implement “Critical Race Theory”, which is in turn state sanctioned racism.We should not be teaching our children

8/10/21: LCPS School Board Meeting Highlights (5 Videos)

So LCPS has done such a great job that a teacher with (10) years of experience RESIGNED to their face tonight. Heartbreaking to hear. Add to that SEVERE storms that they MADE parents endure, would not let them into the building. Parents, if we cannot collectively rise up now, in far greater numbers, to do

8/10/21: Tonight an LCPS Teacher With (10) Years Resigns Directly to the School Board. Parents Forced To Stay Outside During SEVERE Storm

Loudoun County Public Schools has sunk below whale excrement, didn’t think that was possible. Tonight, on top of leaving parents OUTSIDE during a SEVERE storm, their policies, CRT, and contempt pushed a (10) year veteran teacher to publicly resign to their face. I thought the June 22 school board meeting was bad (and it was),

8/9/21: Another Great Contribution from LCPS’s Equity Partner “Learning for Justice: Toolkit for Talking About Racism and Police Violence with Students

“No matter how educators identify or how long they have been teaching, it’s critical that they reflect on their ability to discuss race, racial (in)equality and racism—past and present—with students. This toolkit offers strategies for how educators can engage in this reflection and strengthen their practice.”

8/9/21: It is with a heavy heart that I bring you this bad news, Equality Loudoun has cancelled their LCPS School Board Pizza Party for 8/10/21

Looks like we won’t be getting free pizza tomorrow, **make alternate dinner plans**. Equality Loudoun has declared the LCPS Admin building a war zone. However, I’m confused by their “increased turnout” comment, are they saying that the opposition, who they have sought to silence for so long will be addressing the school board using “private

8/8/21: PACT Indicent Reporting, CRT In NJ MS and HS

This latest example is of CRT infested in NJ schools. The parents question(s) to the principal are much like others from all around the country and sadly the principal’s response is like all others around the country. Never a direct answer, always a dodge and the results are always the same, schools are teaching CRT

8/7/21: Attention Parents, Learning For Justice is a Major LCPS Partner and They Want to Kick-Off the New School Year With an “Equity” Survey. Say No.

Beginning the Year With an Equity Survey After a year fraught with inequities, a well-crafted survey can help teachers discover and plan how to meet students’ needs.By Victoria ThompsonJuly 29, 2021 Maskot / Alamy The pandemic and remote learning have put equity issues in schools under the spotlight, with new attention being paid to how internet

8/7/21: George Soros Funds Over 200 US Organizations. Know Who You’re Voting For, Who They’re Partnered With, Work For and Financed By

U.S. Organizations Funded By George Soros Source: via Dr. Eowyn Advancement Project: This organization works to organize “communities of color” into politically cohesive units while disseminating its leftist worldviews and values as broadly as possible by way of a sophisticated communications department. Air America Radio: Now defunct, this was a self-identified “liberal” radio network. Al-Haq:

8/6/21: Attention Minnesota Residents, Social Studies Curriculum Is Getting Hijacked. Provide Feedback by August 16th!

Comments needed: Second draft of social studies standards still alarming The Minnesota Department of Education has released the second draft of proposed Social Studies Standards for K-12 public schools. Your valuable feedback to MDE and the Social Studies Standards Committee played a primary role in the improvements made to the second draft, including the standards document dropping

8/6/21: VA HB257 In Effect (Video) Fight caught on camera at Arlington Yorktown High school raising questions about police involvement

ARLINGTON COUNTY, Va. (FOX 5 DC) – Video of a fight that took place at Yorktown High School is raising questions about whether or not administrators should have called police as Arlington County voted this summer to remove school resource officers from public schools. The video shows a group of students throwing fists and tackling each other

8/5/21: Back to School is FOIA Time And Time For All Parents to Hold Their School Districts Accountable. These Are Our Kids After All.

I don’t know about you, but “Back to School” always meant shopping for new clothes, sneakers, backpacks, and supplies.  I guess it still does BUT we live in a whole new and radical world, and now we must add babysitting our school districts to the list.  School administrations, many teachers, principals are completely untrustworthy, they

8/4/21: Good Lord, LCPS is Being Run by More Radical Special Interest Groups! “Equality Loudoun”, 27 Non Binary Students- 80,973 Are Not…Equality?

Is there not a single radical special interest group that LCPS and Barts don’t collude with? If it’s not the damn NAACP, or the NAACP adjacent Equity Committee, it’s Equality Loudoun. Is Equality Loudoun a “colleague” of the LCPS School Board? Notice how Barts last (2) sentences read: “I encourage you to have an answer

8/4/21: LCPS School Board Are Power Hungry Radicals that Marginalize Constituents and Minimize Concerns. New Board Meeting Changes

LCPS RELEASES UPDATE ON SCHOOL BOARD MEETING PROCEDURES  In order to help assure the safety and security of the public, division staff, and School Board, the Loudoun County School Board is revising procedures for school board meetings including the public comment process and meeting attendance procedures.  These modifications are in direct response to the increase

8/4/21: The Daily Wire, FCPS Defines Equity “This is the outcome of practices that result in the same outcomes for members of a group. “

DON’T MISS “PACT TO SCHOOL” WITH DR. JAMES LINDSAY, ASRA NOMANI AND THE DAILY WIRE’S LUKE ROSIAK, AUGUST 21. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! By Elizabeth Schultz•Aug 4, 2021• After claiming endlessly that critical race theory (CRT) does not exist, or that it is not being ‘taught’ in schools, the two largest teachers’ unions – the National Education Association

8/4/21: UPDATE – VA Senate Considering (2) Budget Amendments Directly Related to CRT and Cultural Competency Training

Update: Today the Virginia Senate is considering two budget amendments directly related to CRT and cultural competency training. I strongly support this legislation because it materially contains key elements I asked for in my draft. Cultural competency training will essentially be halted and replaced by making adoption optional after public hearings. That restores YOUR voice.

8/3/21: Los Alamitos Unified School District CRT Contradictions. Lokks Like Andrew Pulver Lies Just Like Professor Ziegler

Looks like Loudoun County Public Schools and Los Alamitos Unified School District have one thing in common, neither has a Superintendent that knows how to tell the truth. Another despicable example from a school district thousands of miles away, same MO. This excellent example comes to us from a Patriot on the other side of

8/1/21: LCPS Has (81,000) Students and (27) Are Non Binary! Are You Kidding Me With Policy 8040! August 10 the Feckless Board Votes.

LCPS Enrollment by Gender: July 31, 2021 Gender # Students Enrolled % Students Enrolled Female 39,320 48.6% Male 41,579 51.4% Non Binary 27 0.03% Total 80,926 100.0% According to LCPS’s very own demographics data, dated July 31, 2021, there are (27) Non Binary students, (27) out of (81,000)! The percentage of Non Binary students

7/31/21: EdEquity Virginia Road Map Videos – This Is Why Parents, Students and Teachers Must Attend “PACT to SCHOOL” on August 21, 2021

All of the EdEquity VA videos below are not meant to turn your stomach.  They are  meant to provide you with awareness of what you can expect teachers and students to be brainwashed with this year.  “PACT to School” will help you better understand what to expect, and what EdEquity VA actually means. This is


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