URGENT: VA VAX Playbook for LCPS and all VA Schools for School-Age 5-11 Community Playbook to Support School-Age Vaccination Events

Target Audience: “This playbook is directed at sites and site planners, including school administrators, school staff, school nurses, and partners preparing to vaccinate the 5-11 population. This playbook will give school and clinic staff additional reminders on how to make events more effective for the 5- to 11-year-old population, including strategies to adjust the environment

Daily Caller: Superintendent Who Implemented CRT In Loudoun County Is Overseeing A CRT-Inspired ‘Strategic Plan’ In Texas Schools

CHRISSY CLARK, CONTRIBUTOR November 29, 2021 Some parents in suburban Houston told the Daily Caller that they are scared because the superintendent who implemented critical race theory-inspired lessons in Loudoun County Public Schools was hired by their district. Superintendent Eric Williams joined the Clear Creek Independent School District (CCISD) in January 2021 after working in

PACT Issued The First Warning About Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Back In May 2021

The ‘New’ Fad Corrupting Our Schoolchildren Is Not So New 11/26/21: Meet Dr. Carole Hornsby Haynes – Education Analyst and Policy Advisor, Curriculum Specialist.  First and foremost I want to give everyone a piece of one of the most remarkable women who has been writing about America’s Educational System and it’s polices, I have learned more in one

LCPS Supervisor of Secondary Reading Michelle Picard Promotes Gay Incest Book and “Author” As “Restorative Justice” and “Storytelling”

Who knew that black kids could be superheros, ride bikes and just be kids if only they read gay incest books? Why is Michelle Picard still employed by LCPS? This sicko is responsible for the book “All Boys Aren’t Blue”, a book about gay incest, being in 70% of LCPS HS’s, gay incest! Below are

Parents Defending Education, Parent Retreat: Recognizes Virginia Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin and Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard

PACT would like to thank PDE for inviting us to their Parent Retreat in Arlington, VA this past weekend! It was an absolute pleasure meeting and talking to warriors and fighters from across the country! PDE also had (2) days of exceptional panels that were highly informative and incredibly helpful! A top notch retreat PDE

CCISD Superintendent Equity Man Is Stunt Dummy for the Other Dummy, AG Garland

A very observant CCISD parent noticed the uncanny resemblance of CCISD Superintendent Equity Man and AG “Domestic Terrorist” Garland. Besides looking alike, Equity Man and Garland also share their passion for grooming literature, destroying the US educational system, and having a very wimpy and feminine demeanor. I wonder what they self identify as…

NAACP and LCPS Equity Committee Tracking Your Students Data, Per The “Terms of Conciliation”….Of Course

Did you know that the NAACP is collecting your students data? Yup, that’s right. Per their bogus “discrimination” complaint filed in May 2019, AG Herring, while not finding what is called “evidence” or “proof”, took the NAACP’s word for it and just like that, he awarded the NAACP the approval to implement their “Terms of

September 2021: NAACP Cries Discrimination In LCPS AGAIN! Not Enough Applicants. Of Course It’s Racist.

On September 7, 2021 letting LCPS know that they are still practicing in discriminatory admission practices. Michelle Thomas, “President” of the NAACP, known black supremacist and race hustler said in her follow up email dated 9/23/21 “NAACP was clear in our request to have all high stakes testing removed from the AOL admissions criteria and

Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) Has Creepy & Sick SB Chair, His Sick Daddy, and a Pedo Teacher Aid

Nicholas Claus, a Scottsdale Unified School District instructional support paraeducator at Chaparral High School was arrested on Thursday by Scottsdale Police, after admitting to some allegations of sexual abuse with a special needs minor. This is the same school district where school board members were busted intimidating and spying on parents who were concerned about issues

Video Evidence of Second Step SEL and Committee for Children Encouraging Teachers to Use Learning for Justice Resources and Curriculum Alignment

LCPS has fully embraced Second Step Social Emotional Learning and it is being used at all elementary schools and many middle schools throughout the county. Parents need to know that the Second Step SEL program includes free resources from Learning for Justice. Learning for Justice was formerly known as Teaching for Tolerance, and upholds the

Chandler “Unified” School District (CUSD) in AZ: Director of Equity Tells Parent “CRT is a noun not a verb”

The CUSD Director of Equity and Inclusion is lying her a$$ off when she says CRT is NOT in K-12 institutions. Make no mistake that the notation of “deepening one’s educational knowledge about racisms impact on American society” would have you believe America is a racist country, your white students and parents are racist but

Chandler Unified School District Is Hiding Something…I Say This Guy Knows A Whole Lot

The Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) is anything but “unified”. They’ve colluded with the local police department to have them monitor parents social media posts, cite them for trespassing, and if need be arrest them. What could these parents possibly be doing? The cardinal sin of protecting their kids education, you know, parental rights. CUSD

The Parkland Shooting and LCPS Stone Bridge HS Rape: “Restorative Practices” and the “School To Prison Pipeline (STPP)”

“Restorative Practices” and the “School To Prison Pipeline (STPP)” can be used interchangeably. Both are the genesis for the Parkland school shooting in 2018 where (17) people were murdered and the recent rape of a (15) year old girl and the sexual assault of another at (2) Loudoun County HS’s (Stone Bridge and Broad Run).

Time to Bring the Hammer, Right LCPS Parents? Federal Appeals Court Allows Child Sex Abuse Case Against FCPS Administrators to Continue

Parents, ensure LCPS is not left out of this. Tuscarora HS and many others in LCPS practice in deception and coverup. Hold them accountable. Federal Appeals Court Allows Child Sex Abuse Case Against FCPS Administrators to Continue Ruling against Fairfax County Public School’s effort to silence survivors and roll back victims’ rights Last week, a

Update: Good Lord! LCPS Tuscarora HS Student Attacked (2) Female Students & Teacher, Carjacks and Strolls Back Into School With Ankle Monitor (18) Months Later

In 2019, a student at LCPS’s Tuscarora HS attacked (2) female students and a teacher. 2019: (1) 14 year old female student was sexually assaulted, believed to have NOT been reported to law enforcement by principal Pamela Croft Spring 2020: (1) 14 year old female was sexually assaulted Spring 2020: (1) female teacher was sexually

Epoch Times: “‘We Are Going to Loudounize This Country”

Loudoun County Parents Press On With Calls for School Board Resignation LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va.—“Resign,” scores of Loudoun County residents told the local school board on Nov. 9. While the Virginia gubernatorial election last week saw a win for conservative candidate Glenn Youngkin, parents told the school board that their fight wasn’t over yet. “We are

Washington Post: Democrats are lying about critical race theory

It has become a refrain on the left and its media echo-chamber following Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia governor’s race: Critical race theory is not being taught in schools. PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor recently accused Republicans of winning by “lying about critical race theory.” Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) declared “there is not a school

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Coming Soon to a Middle School English Class Near You

It is too much to ask that our kids spend their time in English learning how to formulate a grammatically correct sentence. Why waste time learning grammar and reading comprehension skills when there is so much activist work to be done? Parents, tell your children’s teachers that you would like an alternative assignment when they

PACT Takes Bannons War Room LIVE to LCPS SB Rally (11/9/21)

PACT had the absolute pleasure to broadcast tonight’s Loudoun County Public Schools, School Board Meeting LIVE with Bannons War Room!! Not once, not twice BUT THREE TIMES! “Loudounize” has now become a regularly used verb on Bannons War Room! Thank you Steve! Thank you for the platform and for giving PACT a voice to continue

LCPS to Rename Schools/Facilities Based On Phony “1619” Narrative

White that idiot governor Northam may have signed the order, make no mistake that the radical black supremacist group NAACP has their corrupt and racist hands all of this. Agenda Item Details Meeting Nov 09, 2021 – 2nd Tuesday School Board Meeting 4:00 p.m. Category Information Items Subject Department of Support Services: School Name Review Type Information  SUMMARY:  In June 2020, the

CRT Is a Shapeshifter

In essence, elements of CRT are like a cancer, viciously attacking one area of the body and swiftly moving to the next until the damage is irreversible. Only in this case, the body is the educational establishment and our children are the organs begin attacked. The vehicle for the cancer is any number of acronyms

Take Virginia Back and Begin The Removal of CRT….Done. Next, Strategically Helping Others Across Our Great Country!

Some like to say that with the Youngkin/Sears/Miyares victory, Virginia has flipped from “Blue” to “Red”. In the political sense that’s very true. However, we don’t like to look at as changing political colors, instead we view it as the first step in parents taken back ownership of the most precious thing in the world,

PACT’s First Op-ed, Daily Caller: MINEO And POLIFKO: “We’ve Been To Loudoun County School Board Meetings, And CRT Will Destroy The Country If Left Unchecked”

SCOTT MINEO AND TIFFANY POLIFKO CONTRIBUTOR Critical Race Theory (CRT) is highly objectionable because it is simply meant to instill the belief that America is systemically and institutionally racist. All white people harbor implicit or unconscious biases towards all minorities, especially black people. CRT creates the illusion that “white supremacy” reigns supreme and is running

Daily Caller: Loudoun County Parents On Youngkin Victory: ‘It’s A GREAT Day To Be A Virginian!’

CHRISSY CLARK, Daily Caller CONTRIBUTOR November 3, 2021 Vocal parents in Loudoun County — many of whom led the charge against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools — are “thrilled” that Republican Glenn Youngkin beat Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race. Loudoun County swung for McAuliffe, despite parent pushback against the district’s progressive school board and

Catch PACT on NEWSMAX’s “The Count” from 10/30/21

If/When Virginia wins on 11/2/21, help PACT “Loudounize” communities across the country so we can have a sweep in the midterms. No more radical progressive education that is destroying ALL kids across our great country. If Virginia can pull off the upset of a lifetime, all of our kooky efforts, homemade videos, grammatical errors, and

PACT on Bannons War Room: “McAuliffe is An Idiot”

We want to thank Steve Bannon and the entire Bannon War Room Team for having us on the show, and allowing us to get our message out to the people. When The People of Virginia win on 11/2/21, PACT will be repositioning to help Loudounize communities across the country in preparation for the midterms! When

LCPS SB Rep Harris Mahedavi, A Dimly Lit Bulb

LCPS has SB members that are radical progressives and RINO’s BUT Harris Mahedavi doesn’t fall into either “group”. Harris stands in a “group” all by himself, let’s just call it the “clueless group”. Harris Mahedavi, LCPS SB rep (Ashburn) Includes Stone Bridge HS, Location of Rape May 28, 2021: Superintendent Ziegler sends email to


If the people of Virginia are able to get our state back on Tuesday, barring rampant cheating by the Progressives, I say that teachers, students, and parents should politely flip the LCSB, Equity Committee, Ziegler, NAACP the bird and say No More of this radical, hateful CRT crap. I realize Youngkin wouldn’t take office until

Loudoun County Schools Hit With ANOTHER Alleged Sexual Assault!!!

CHRISSY CLARK, Daily Caller The Loudoun County Sheriff’s department is investigating “multiple” incidents of alleged sexual groping at a middle school in Loudoun County Public Schools, according to Daily Mail. Kraig Troxell, the spokesman for the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Department, told Daily Mail that a seventh-grade boy at Harmony Middle School was allegedly “touching other students inappropriately

What Is Your Red Line?

What is the lesson we have learned from the horrific revelations in Loudoun County this past month?  Complacency destroys. First, let me say this: I’m a Loudoun County resident and my kids don’t attend LCPS (I’ve worked hard to keep them out of public schools from the start) but what I have realized over the

Loudoun docs show sheriff’s frustration with LCPS school board, treatment of residents

Sheriff purportedly complained that school board was asking law enforcement to clean up its mess By Sam Dorman | Fox News FIRST ON FOX: New documents obtained by Fox News shed light on apparent conflict and frustration Loudoun law enforcement had with the school board – including a complaint that the board should have let residents speak at an explosive meeting on

Loudoun County Sheriff Investigating Multiple Incidents of ‘Inappropriate Touching’ in Middle School

Real News 45 October 29, 2021 An investigation is underway in Loudoun County by the sheriff’s office after multiple reported incidents of a male student touching other students inappropriately at a district middle school. The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) reported Thursday its school resource office learned from school personnel that on Wednesday a male student had

Elementary Librarians Now Teach Gender Identity in LCPS

Parents, remember back in elementary school when weekly library trips consisted of the librarian reading a story to the class, and then allowing everyone to go choose a book before the class was over? Well, because LCPS is so concerned with their teachers impart knowledge on social justice and activism, there is simply no more

Mona Shores PS in MI, Superintendent Bill O’Brien Makes Mother’s Email Public, Now Death Threats, Shaming, Fear of Losing Job

The Mona Shores Public Schools (Michigan) Superintendent Bill O’Brien is about as dumb as the Loudoun County Public Schools (Virginia) Superintendent Scott Ziegler. Why is Bill a moron? Well, a concerned parent sent Bill an email concerned about American flags being replace by Pride Flags and making the school(s) a giant unicorn and rainbow colored

LCPS’s $11M Gift to Implement SEL

This may be a little confusing, but we’ll try to make as easy to follow as possible. Have you ever wondered WHY Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has all of the sudden popped up nationwide at the same time? Is it possible that all 14,000 school districts across the country came up with the EXACT SAME

LCPS board member, John Beatty calls for superintendent to resign for pushing trans policy

John Beatty accused Scott Ziegler of withholding information in order to protect the pro-transgender policy 8040. A member of the Loudoun County School Board in Virginia has joined concerned parents and students in calling for the resignation of Superintendent Scott Ziegler in the wake of an email that surfaced last week.  In an exclusive statement to Fox News, John Beatty, the

10/26/21: Not Just Another LCPS SB Meeting

PACT is doing all we can to crack this disastrous LCPS school system into pieces. While our focus has been on the county in which we live, where our kids go to school, and we work, make no mistake the rest of the country has the same wickedness going on at the same time. Our

BREAKING: McAuliffe-Linked Law Firm, NSBA Fighting Student Who Said She Was Gang-Raped, Asks Supreme Court To Alter Title IX To Diminish Victims Rights

By Luke Rosiak•Oct 26, 2021 A law firm that employed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe has made a cottage industry out of aggressively fighting victims of alleged sexual abuse in schools, being paid huge sums by school administrators whom the girls say ignored their accusations. In one case, the Hunton Andrews Kurth law firm,

Daily Caller: Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum

CHRISSY CLARK, CONTRIBUTOR October 25, 2021 Loudoun County Forces Parents To Sign NDA-Style To View CRT-Inspired Curriculum Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) is requiring parents to sign a form comparable to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to view a portion of the district’s new curriculum inspired by critical race theory, according to documents reviewed by the

LCPS, It’s Called “Child Grooming” NOT Literature and It Violates VA Code 18.2. See Schools In Violation, Displaying Child Porn and Grooming Materials

I really wish LCPS’s 15 minutes of fame would end. However, as long as they remain sick, twisted, ideological, deceptive, and dangerous we will continue to highlight all of their wonderful contributions to our kids education. The book titled “The Breakaways” has caught a lot of attention recently. Not because it’s a great kids book,

Dear LCPS HS and MS Principals…….

The climate in Loudoun County and toward Loudoun County Public Schools, the Board of Supervisors and the Commonwealth Attorney is quite tumultuous, to say the least. The parents in LC have been battling LCPS over their implementation of CRT for over a year. It’s been proven time and again, so to the naysayers, case closed.

Sexual Grooming Runs Rampant in Our Schools

There is a lot of money to be made by over-sexualizing our children in school. Social emotional learning programs like Second Step, pressure teachers into being more “compassionate” and “inclusive” by encouraging them to “teach the facts about sex assigned at birth.” If power-hungry corporations can dupe school systems into buying their programs and sway

Youngkin demands resignations from Loudoun County School Board in wake of bombshell email

GREAT FALLS, Va. – Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin called for the resignations of Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler and the school board in the wake of a bombshell email this week. The email showed that Ziegler alerted the board that a male student allegedly assaulted a female student in a girl’s bathroom – about a month before Ziegler publicly declared that he had

NAACP “Terms of Conciliation” for LCPS. Read and Insist on Their Removal. Time for We The People to Issue Demands

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has announced a final determination that the administration of Loudoun County Public Schools’ gifted and talented program allegedly discriminated against Black and Hispanic students who applied to advance placement classes. “Having found reasonable cause to believe that LCPS’s policies and practices resulted in a discriminatory impact on Black/African-Americans and Latinx/Hispanic

Videos of NAACP Loudoun Discussing What They Are Doing In LCPS

Listen for yourself, the NAACP Loudoun discussing their (10) Point plan to take over education across the nation not just Loudoun County. However, NAACP Loudoun, Fairfax, Prince William and Arlington worked together to make Thomas Jefferson bend to their black supremacist ideology. You can thank the NAACP for the introduction of the “Bias Reporting Incident

Parents: What to Include in a FOIA for Your School Districts, Exactly How Judicial Watch Did It for Loudoun County Public Schools

Writing a FOIA may seem intimidating or unnerving, especially for those that have yet to dip their toe in the FOIA water. On October 21, 2021, Judicial Watched published 3,500 pages they received from LCPS FOIA requests. Below is exactly what and how Judicial Watch submitted their request. Modify where needed but use the same

Breaking! Judicial Watch Confirms PACT Research for Past Year That LCPS and NAACP Have Coordinated to Takeover Education

There has been a hostile take over of LCPS by the NAACP and LCPS for quite a while. On April 30th, 2021, PACT put together a timeline of the take over. Read the Judicial Watch article below then refer to the timeline. Things will become more clear. NAACP Timeline Take Over Click Here (Washington, DC) – Judicial

As news was breaking that all LCPS SB members were aware of rape, SB Chair Brenda “Jazz-Hands” was prepping for MSNBC interview. What timing.

An email surfaced tonight that PROVES LCPS Superintendent Ziegler and the LCPS School Board knew about the Stone Bridge HS rape of a 14 year old girl. When the news broke of the rape on 10/11/21 by the Daily Wire, no one knew anything. Seems they all were aware on the day the rape happened


Someone recently mentioned to me that there seems like there is “a scrubbing” going on in the world right now. Perhaps that is true. And while it is excruciatingly painful to face reality…in Loudoun County, here we are. So what DO you get when brave parents face it head on? Maybe just a little bit

Loudoun County’s superintendent notified the school board the same day a female student was sexually assaulted at Stone Bridge High School, according to an email obtained by WTOP.

They all knew. And now we know for sure. RESIGN Zeigler and anyone who claims they didn’t know. You are all despicable. Only on WTOP: Loudoun County’s superintendent notified the school board the same day a female student was sexually assaulted at Stone Bridge High School


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