6/11/21: LCPS STONE BRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL Principal Unilaterally Cancels Only Graduation Ceremony in County, Despite “REGARDLESS of the weather” Promise

“The event will occur as scheduled REGARDLESS of the weather, so please plan ahead for what your family may need. The seats will not be shaded and there will not be food or drink available.” At 2pm Stone Bridge Principal, Tim Flynn sent out an automated call to all Stone Bridge HS families that have

6/11/21: NAACP’s (10) Point National Educational Takeover Strategy, Including Thomas Jefferson HS (video)

This video is eye opening. Any school board across bears responsibility for the implementation of CRT and a racist based educational structure, but where does it come from? This video will provide insight into the NAACP’s national plan for taking over our educational system. The video shows a few of the (10) agenda items (see

6/10/21: Loudoun County Schools Use Tax Payer Money to Finance NAACP Funds and Loudoun Freedom Center Educational “Experts”, This is a SHAKEDOWN

When the Virginia AG Mark Herring determined his “Reasonable Doubt” conclusion with the NAACP’s “discrimination” complaint against LCPS, which LCPS did not challenge, it came attached with the NAACP’s Terms of Conciliation. PACT posted these terms back in October 2020, November 2020 VA AG provided his ruling, and February 2021 LCPS blessed the ruling. It’s

6/10/21: Uncover DC: “Brave Loudoun County Citizens Raise Hell Over CRT”

Brave Loudoun County Citizens Raise Hell Over CRT By Wendi Strauch Mahoney – June 10, 2021 Parents, teachers, and a lone school board member continue to heat things up in Loudoun County School Board meetings in their fight against Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the K-12 public schools there. One hundred and twenty-three (123) citizens showed up to

6/9/21: NAACP Discusses How They Will have Full Access to an LCPS Database (Disciplinary) To Run Their Own Reports

As I’ve said 100+ times, LCPS is NOT in charge of LCPS, the Loudoun NAACP is. Hear and see for yourself the Education Director, Robin Burke, discussing how the NAACP will be able to go to an LCPS database (disciplinary) to be able to run disciplinary queries for every school, on their own and at

6/9/21: WSJ Editorial: Woke K-12 Education Goes to Court: Parents and students sue the schools in Loudoun County, Va.

Woke K-12 Education Goes to Court Parents and students sue the schools in Loudoun County, Va. Identity politics reigns in higher education, and progressives are now turning their focus to K-12. In Loudoun County, Virginia, five families are fighting back in court. Represented by the nonprofit Liberty Justice Center, the parents and students sued the

6/9/21: Loudoun County school board meeting explodes as members face backlash for suspension of Tanner Cross

By Sam Dorman | Fox News Virginia teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross saw an outpouring of support Tuesday as public commenters blasted a school system’s decision to suspend him after his now-viral comments about gender. The dramatic meeting of the Loudon County Public Schools’ board was full of mic- drop moments and testy confrontations over issues plaguing the school district. Many

6/8/21: PACT Outside the Loudoun County School Board Meeting. This Is Unlike ANY School Board “Meeting” Around the Country, EVER!

Tonight was LCPS’s 2nd to last school board meeting of the year. The videos below are a few short clips of PACT addressing a large, fantastic, and supportive crowd. Stand Up Virginia providing amazing support and Fight for Schools was collecting mass recall signatures again! PACT was being PACT. While we were having fun outside,

6/8/21: LCPS Legalization of Marijuana in Virginia & the Potential Impact on Teens “Information”

LCPS new slide deck on what parents need to know about the legalization of pot reads largely like a promotion: Allows for gifting, up to an ounce, Possession on the grounds of a public K-12 school while it’s OPEN would constitute a Class 2 misdemeanor, Allows home cultivation of up to four plants beginning on

6/8/21: Black woman dismantles reparations in TikTok video: ‘First step to healing is forgiveness’ — not payback

Living life in a world of resentments will lead to a short, miserable, and unhappy life, and it will impact everyone else around. What this young lady is saying couldn’t be more accurate or said any better. Quotes From This Video “It’s 2021, how are we to determine who gets reparations and who doesn’t?” Again,

6/8/21: A Little LCPS Graduation Humor At Their Expense. Can’t make This Stuff Up. White Students Get Their Own Seat Section?

Below is an ACTUAL Loudoun County Public Schools HS Graduation Seating Assignment for graduating seniors. This is real, not some sort of joke by PACT. We’ve covered the names of the students and their seat/row assignment, other than that it came directly from an LCPS high school. Given the climate of LCPS, is one to

6/7/21: LCPS and the NAACP Believe That Loudoun County Is A “White Supremacist” haven? When Exactly Did That Happen?

It’s not really a secret that Loudoun County is roughly 60% white. Great who cares? I do, because I’m having a hard time understanding when this metamorphosis happened. In 2008, Obama won Loudoun County at 54%, and then again in 2012 at 52%. Then comes the election of “Orange Man Bad” and Clinton won Loudoun

6/7/21: Dr., Pastor, President Michelle Thomas, Talks “Jim Crow And Beyond in Loudoun County”

Pastor Michelle began by discussing inequalities in Loudoun County Public Schools which have their roots in the Jim Crow era. Here’s Dr. Pastor Michelle Thomas discussing the “Runaway Slave Game” at Madison Trust Elementary School. Turns out the whole thing was a scam. Student to Dr. Pastor: “Have you ever reacted directly with a KKK

6/7/21: Loudoun Freedom Center Email “Address Not Found”? Hmmm, A “One-Time Grant” of $255,000 And No Valid Email Address?

Everybody knows that technology isn’t perfect, in fact it can be quite quirky. Perhaps Loudoun Freedom Center’s email address just wasn’t working today, or yesterday, or the day before. However, I do not trust LFC’s words, I question their actions but never doubt their patterns.

6/7/21: Michelle Thomas & Loudoun Freedom Center Get MORE Free Land AND Free Money ($255,000)? Talk About “Privilege”!

Just a few quick observations: Leesburg Mayor on Loudoun Freedom Center: “We’ve tried in good faith to give the LFC the land that they asked for, that they can preserve and take care of as they see fit, We are giving it to them FREE and CLEAR,” Michelle Thomas, President of Loudoun Freedom Center: “Leesburg

6/6/21: What Is Michelle Thomas’s “Loudoun Freedom Center” Actually Doing Besides Receiving Free Money? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

It might just be me being skeptically minded BUT I do not trust Michelle Thomas’s words, definitely question her actions & motivations, and there are patterns of deceptiveness around every corner of every entity that she is the “President” of. In a previous post, we identified that the State of Virginia, via the corrupt Loudoun

6/3/21: Michelle Thomas, President of NAACP and Loudoun Freedom Center to Receive a $255,000 “One Time Grant”?

In the 11th hour of the VA House Appropriations Committee, Delegate (D) David Reid of Loudoun County’s 32nd District and his band of the Appropriations Committee Social Justice Warriors, added an amendment that will provide Michelle Thomas, President of the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Virginia Hemp Project, and head Pastor at Holy and Whole Ministries

6/4/21: Uh, There Is No Black/White High School Graduation Gap… At Least Not in Virginia

My buddy Paul Lott, who happens to be a Harvard educated African American, and is also running for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District in 2022, did a little digging and created some very useful data tables to better understand how race hustlers like the NAACP, MSAAC, Equity Committee, and LCPS are applying deceptive logic when

6/4/21: Loudoun County Public Schools Board Member, Beth Barts, Admits to Critical Race Theory Being in LCPS! NAACP Won’t Be Happy!

Is the devil wearing a winter coat? Beth Barts freely admits CRT is in LCPS (finally), however, she does believe it would be “bad” to remove it. I’d say we’re at an interesting point with Loudoun County Public Schools. First we have Barts admitting to CRT being in LCPS and then, just today, Michelle Thomas,

6/4/21: Loudoun County NAACP President, Michelle Thomas: “Will Do No More Interviews On Critical Race Theory”

Michelle Thomas, President of the NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, Virginia Hemp Project, and head Pastor at Holy and Whole Ministries LOVES the camera, she loves to spew racist nonsense, and has lead the effort to declare Loudoun County is a racist and white supremacist county! Loudoun County Public Schools is in the fight of their

6/4/21: Genius!! (20) Loudoun County government officials asked to disclose their online internet activity

Loudoun County School Board:Denise CorboAtoosa ReaserHarris MahedaviIan SerotkinLeslee KingJeff MorseBeth BartsBrenda Sheridan MSAAC (Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee aka Equity Committee)Keaira Jennings Paulina-Marie RansomClaudia MatteoKatrece NolenSofia SaiyedMorgan Smith Loudoun Board of Supervisors:Phyllis RandallKoran SainesJuli BriskmanMichael Robert TurnerSylvia GlassKristen Umstattd Loudoun County Attorney:Buta Biberaj Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio, speaking to a rally in Ashburn, Virginia

6/4/21: Join PACT at This Year’s Freedom Fest, June 19, 2021 (2-5pm)

Bull Run Special Events Center, 7700 Bull Run Drive Centreville, VA 20121 VIRGINIA’S FREEDOM FEST Join us at VIRGINIA’S FREEDOM FEST at Bull Run Special Events Center for a fun-filled afternoon with your family. The outdoor freedom celebration from 2PM – 5PM will feature food, drinks, music, and a line-up of speakers you don’t want to

6/3/21: Who Is “Parent and Child Loudoun” and Why Do We Need Them In Our Fight Against LCPS’s CRT Initiative?

For those unfamiliar, please meet Parent and Child Loudoun. This group of dedicated, caring and disgusted individuals launched a non-profit movement a few years ago that has a very strong focus on LCPS’s “Diverse” Classroom Books. When you consider how awful this whole LCPS and their “Diversity” libraries initiative issue has been, who better to

6/3/21: “Ebonics” Was a Fraud, “BLM” Is a Fraud, and Now Mr. Anti-Racist Himself, Ibram Kendi, a Fraud? Common Theme = Race Hustlers

It’s funny how race hustlers like NAACP, MSAAC, Equity Committee, BLM, and Kendi always get discovered. How? Because they lie, perpetuate a narrative that is merely subjective, unverifiable, and in order to keep their hoax going they bark “RACIST” at anyone that dares to challenge them or their bogus rhetoric. How much money has the

6/3/21: LCPS Is Partnering With The Creators of “Ebonics” to Form Their New “Equity Policy”, Oakland Unified School District

School Reform and Classroom Practice, Whatever Happened to Ebonics? Way back in 1996, the Oakland Unified School District introduced a new racist and FAILED linguistics concept known as “Black English” or “Ebonics”. Even the race baiting king himself, Jesse Jackson was appalled, saying: “I understand the attempt to reach out to these children, but this is

6/3/21: Loudoun County Public Schools “Diversity Hiring Practices”

In Loudoun County Public Schools, like everywhere else, they attempt to paint the narrative that there are racial and discriminatory hiring practices, but where’s the evidence? Black Applicants for the 2020/2021 School Year: 9.6% (985) Black Applicants Hired: 7.4% (86) Hispanic Applicants for the 2020/2021 School Year: 9.5% (967) Hispanic Applicants Hired: 16% (181) Race

6/2/21: NBC News – In wealthy Loudoun County, VA, parents face threats in battle over equity in schools

“This has made people afraid to speak up,” one mother said. “They’re afraid that what happens to us is going to happen to them.” By Tyler Kingkade On March 12, members of the private Facebook group “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” began to compile names. The group’s members in Loudoun County, Virginia — one of the

6/2/21: New! Parents Against Critical Theory “Get Involved” Tool-Kit

New Parents Against Critical Theory Tool-Kit! Fighting Back against Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not a small effort.  However, “Fighting Back” doesn’t necessarily mean throwing open the doors, and yelling to the world “I’m here and I’m ready to fight”.  It does require a genuine willingness and a few things to consider:   Discuss as a

6/2/21: Despite LCPS Being Hit With Lawsuit Today, They Continue To Make Untruthful Claims (video)

Read the excerpt below from this Fox News article published today, and then watch the video below, recorded just last night from the LCPS Equity Meeting. Start the video at the 1:10 mark: “Public Information Officer Wayde Byard told Fox News that students “don’t review the bias incidents.“ By Sam Dorman | Fox News The controversy over

6/2/21: Loudoun County Superintendent Accidentally Cops To Critical Race Theory Push

Loudoun County Superintendent Accidentally Cops To Critical Race Theory Push— Do House Democrats Support It? —In a failed attempt to quell the growing national backlash against the Loudon County School Board’s effort to politicize its curriculum, interim superintendent Scott A. Ziegler yesterday accidentally admitted that Loudon is, in fact, pushing critical race theory on its students. Ziegler

6/2/21: It’s Official, Parents of Loudoun County Parents File Lawsuit Against The Loudoun County Public Schools School Board!

LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (June 2, 2021) — A group of Loudoun County parents have filed a federal lawsuit against school leaders for violating students’ free speech rights. Over the past two years, the board and administrators have incorporated controversial and radical political theory into school curriculum. Now they are asking students to be vocal supporters

6/1/21: Why is the NAACP Involved in the Selection of the New LCPS Superintendent?? Corruption and the NAACP is Nearby

Why in God’s name is the NAACP involved in the selection/interview process of the new LCPS superintendent? I thought it was determined that the NAACP and Michelle Thomas were too toxic for LCPS? Shouldn’t the NAACP and Thomas be prohibited from ALL LCPS business? They are race hustlers that don’t care about students, only power

6/1/21: Loudoun County Schools Superintendent Ziegler Does it Again, Yup Lies

Some people in the community are “superimposing the LCPS logo onto Learning for Justice to imply that LCPS is using these resources”. To be clear, no one has to create anything, LCPS’s #1 Equity Partner IS Learning for Justice, a Southern Poverty Law Center company. Learning for Justice and a link to their website can

6/1/21: New! Beth Barts and Chardonnay Antifa Discuss Board Members that “Abstained” from the LGBTQ+ Proclamation Vote On 5/25/21, Set Sights on Beatty, Corbo, and Mahadevi

Barts and Chardonnay expect School Board Members to vote by reading the feel of the room, not based on their own judgement. Smells like a new effort underway to target Beatty, Corbo, and Mahedavi. Read through the messages below and you be the judge. Plans underway to confront Corbo on her vote, and “Beatty absolutely

6/1/21: LCPS Tuscarora HS: Lunatics Running the Asylum, Principal is MIA Until Maybe July And No One Has a Clue Who’s In Charge or What Happened

Email Response from School Board Member Leslee King Dear Ms. XXX XXXXX, I am sorry there is confusion regarding the Principal’s out-of-office e-mail.  If you go to the Tuscarora website, you can find many phone numbers and e-mails for contacts.  I do not know why Principal Croft is not in school but I truly hope

6/1/21: Professor Says “White Supremacy” is Cause of Blacks Attacking Asians

“When a Black person attacks an Asian person, the encounter is fueled perhaps by racism, but very specifically by white supremacy,” Ho writes. “White supremacy does not require a white person to perpetuate it.” An ethnic studies professor has argued that “white supremacy” is the real reason why blacks are attacking Asians. Jennifer Ho, professor

6/1/21: Loudoun County Public Schools Social Justice Standards Framework

Social Justice is a fraudulent movement baked with racism, hate, and a narrative that is so warped that it’s beyond comprehension. The “Social Justice Standards” doc below is courtesy of Loudoun County Public Schools #1 Equity Partner, Learning for Justice a Southern Poverty Law Center subsidiary. Make no mistake, Loudoun County Public Schools is NOT

5/31/21: Attention All Loudoun County Public Schools Parents, Consider Opting Your Kids Out of Their Advisory Class TOMORROW or Allow Them to Be Late

I for one am glad this school year will be over, however, the cute little message displayed below is what you can expect your students to be focused on during “Advisor” period tomorrow. Loudoun County Public has quickly turned into a dump. Ziegler has to GO. All Board Members (except Beatty) have to GO. The

5/31/21: LCPS Board Member Beth Barts Happily Supports Child Porn AKA “Diverse Libraries” and CRT. It’s Not Just Pastor Gary That Is Concerned Beth

Tone deaf comes to mind……. I believe we are witnessing a “blessing” and a “curse” at the same time, yes Beth “BLM” Barts. Barts ends her dopey message with a salute to Chardonnay Antifa, cloaked as “I appreciate the Leesburg communities support”. All of Barts Chardonnay Antifa lushes can’t slow the magic number of 10%.

5/30/21: NY Post, Absolutely Sick “Parents Enraged Over ‘Masturbation’ Videos For First Graders

As I sit here and type, you can bet Loudoun County Public Schools will bring this filth into the school system if it’s not already here. This IS CRT OR Culturally Responsive Teaching, or whatever way LCPS wishes to call it, it’s all the same. Last fall, parents at the posh $55,000-per-year Dalton School got wind of

5/29/21: Loudoun County Chardonnay Antifa Upgrades Their Ticket to Hell With “F God”, (6) LCPS Board Members Are Part of This Group

Loudoun County Chardonnay-to-Hell Antifa ups their vile rhetoric with a big “F God”. There are (600+) members of this group, including (6) LCPS Board Members, NAACP, Loudoun County Commonwealth Attorney, Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, and parents that should probably have their kids yanked from their homes. I predict an awakening.

5/28/21: Fox News Loudoun County Public Schools Gym Teacher Placed on Forced Leave By LCPS Administration

By Sam Dorman | Fox News An elementary school physical education teacher in Virginia was placed on leave after an explosive speech in which he told his school board he wouldn’t “affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa,” Fox News has learned. During a Loudoun County school board meeting Tuesday, teacher Byron “Tanner” Cross voiced his

5/27/21: CRT & Culturally Responsive Framework Are Being “Rebranded”

“Everyday narratives that marginalize, minimize and disrespect people of color and those with less privilege should be replaced with ones that do not demonize individuals but understand the systemic and structural barriers that limit possibilities and the ability to thrive.“ The above statement from Equitable Evaluation Initiative simply means that things like Critical Race Theory

5/27/21: Evidence of (18) Radical Women, Members of Chardonnay Antifa Plot Take Down of Loudoun County Schools Gym Teacher and………School Board Leader Beth Barts Appears Yet Again

Below there are (22) screenshots of (18) radical leftist women plotting to take down a Loudoun County Public Schools elementary school gym teacher for the comments he made to the school board on 5/25/21 (video below). Watch the video for yourself, and whether you agree or disagree, does it really warrant this disgusting and outrageous

5/27/21: Loudoun County Schools Gym Teacher on Forced Leave For this (video)? Cancel Culture in LCPS Is going to be in for a Rude Awakening In the Near Future

Despite Loudoun County Public Schools being in the national news for (3) months straight, this elementary school gm teacher was fired because Chardonnay Antifa did not like what he said. Was he rude? No. Was he mean? Not at all. Was he respectful? 100%. So why did they fire him? Because LCPS is being run

5/27/21: LCPS Equity Partner “Racial Equity Tools” Releases “New Resources” for Teachers and Students for May 2021

Look for follow up post on how and why the narrative will be changing. Lipstick on a pig, still a pig. Staying the DistanceNew Resources – May 2021 Dear RET Community,  As we reflect this week on George Floyd’s life and legacy, the #BlackLivesMatter movement becoming the largest movement in U.S. history and galvanizing millions to end

5/27/21: LCPS Beth Barts, Once Again Allows for Chardonnay Antifa to Go After a Teacher, Now In Her Own District

Beth Barts is a sad human being. She coddles the LGBTQ community when a school teacher expressed his concerns about supporting transgenderism in his school, at a school board meeting, while other teachers have openly, and on at least (2) occasions called parents of the community “racists”. I wonder Barts knows that many of the

5/26/21: Loudoun County Public Schools “Diverse Classroom Libraries K-12” Collection

Diverse Classroom Libraries K-12 Diverse Additions to Classroom Libraries This year Loudoun County Public Schools is celebrating its student population with an investment in diverse text collections for all K-12 English Language Arts classrooms. In describing the texts the Division of Teaching and Learning, Elementary and Secondary Reading, noted that, “Classroom and school libraries reflect

5/25/21: Daily Wire – Chardonnay Antifa and Loudoun County Prosecutor (AG) Buta Biberaj, Target Kids of Parents Opposed to CRT

Some people never learn. Jamie Ann Neidig-Wheaton, queen bee of Chardonnay Antifa who targeted PACT, parents, families, and teachers in March 2021 is now calling for her Chardonnay Crew to target the kids of those of us that disagree with CRT. Additionally, Loudoun County Prosecutor (AG), Buta Biberaj is in on the action. Disgusting doesn’t

5/25/21: Good Times At the Loudoun County Public Schools “Pre” Press Conference Tonight With PACT, F4S and Loudoun County Warriors! (few videos)

Below is video of BLM protestors trying to disrupt the press conference that was about to begin. A group of women then all lined up in front of the BLM sign, they weren’t having any of their garbage! This is an interview the Christian Broadcasting Network and Loudoun County Public Schools School Board Member, Leslee

5/24/21: State Department Approves Black Lives Matter Flag Displays at US Consulates and Embassies on Anniversary of George Floyd Death

The US State Department sent out a letter this week approving displays of the Black Lives Matter flag this Tuesday on the Anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Jack Posobiec at Human Events reported: A source within the Biden State Department wishing to remain anonymous has shared with Human Events News a document that indicates

5/24/21: “Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive”

2019 was an absolute breakout year for the Loudoun County NAACP, Loudoun Freedom Center, LCPS, and of course the Equity Commandos. They do not have any shame, regrets, or even a modicum of guilt for what they’ve done to Loudoun County Public Schools. That’s why we’re here! Since they are incapable of being honest with

5/24/21: Black Lives Matter Backfire, Quickly Becoming Irrelevant Again!

Support for Black Lives Matter (BLM), the movement that alleges “systemic racism” in policing in the United States (and in general), soared after the death of George Floyd but has fallen back to levels last seen in 2019, the New York Times reports. According to an essay by academics Jennifer Chudy and Hakeem Jefferson, net popular support for BLM was

5/22/21: Directly From a Loudoun County Public Schools 2nd Grade Classroom……This Is Not Good Homosexual & Transsexual Indoctrination

An upstanding, disgusted and concerned citizen presented me with these books this morning, “My Princess Boy” and “Prince and Knight”. These came directly out of a 2nd grade classroom. I included a few excerpts from each book, enough for you to get the idea. LCPS is using “My Princess Boy” as a means to indoctrinate

5/21/21: LCPS Partner “Learning for Justice” Offers “Why I’m A Racist” Lesson for Grades 9-12

Every single day PACT finds more and more rubbish that LCPS and the Equity Commandos try passing off as “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity”. What kind of lesson plan is it when a student is presented with a worksheet titled “Why I’m a Racist”? Which bucket does this fall into, diversity, inclusion or equity? Looks to

5/21/21: LCPS Superintendent ZEigler Associated with the Ultra Radical Group “BadAss Teachers Association”

What the heck is a “Badass Teachers Association”? Radical to say the least. The Badass Teachers Association (BAT or BATs) is an education and social justice activist organization that challenges what it sees as “corporate-driven” education reform efforts and advocates for social justice. The organization defines itself solely as a “left leaning” organization. The BAT goals are to reduce or eliminate

5/21/21: Slavery Has Never Ended, Only Grown Stronger – Breaking 911 “150+ MISSING CHILDREN FOUND IN NORTH CAROLINA OPERATION”

What does this news story have to do with Critical Race Theory? Everything. The evildoers behind the Critical Race Theory push focus on beating people over the head with the slavery club, they want to make sure you understand that you and allllll of your ancestors are responsible, therefore, we need to uproot American society

5/21/21: Kimberly Klacik Launches Red Renaissance!

Thank you Kimberly for inviting us out for an amazing Red Renaissance Launch Party, and for calling out Loudoun County and their infestation of CRT! I have one request for anyone reading this post, take a look at the attendees that were at the Red Renaissance Launch Party (see below). They say a picture is

5/20/21: Epoch Times “20 Attorneys General Petition Biden Admin to Backtrack on CRT and ‘1619 Project’-Based Education Proposals”

A joint letter by 20 state attorneys general directed to Education Secretary Miguel Cardona is asking the Biden administration to retract its education plans that would promote Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the New York Times’ “1619 Project” in schools. The group’s criticism centers on recent proposals from the Department of Education that detail plans in April

5/20/21: In Case You Missed This Phony Bologna NAACP Press Conference From Fall of 2020 (video)

NAACP President, Michelle Thomas bellows “There is reasonable cause to believe”…..LCPS is racist. For the record, “reasonable cause” does NOT mean proof, facts, or based on actual evidence (see definition below). Now, the race-hustling and racist organization known as the NAACP, lead by Michelle Thomas in Loudoun County, are considered “trustworthy”. How? Why? The NAACP

5/20/21: Chicago’s mayor refuses to give interviews to white reporters

Chicago’s mayor declared that she would only grant one-on-one interviews to minority journalists to protest the lack of diversity in the Windy City press corps. Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the first black woman and openly gay person elected to run that city, confirmed the move Tuesday after members of the local press took to Twitter saying

5/19/21: LCPS Superintendent ZEigler Tells Ian Prior “Children are watching TV, Let’s lower the temperature” After Prior says “Damn”

According to Superintendent ZEigler, Ian Prior was way off bas tonight for letting slip the “D” word, damn. You might be saying, “It says Timothy Smith below not ZEigler”. You’d be correct, however, Superintendent ZEigler frequently posts comments on the official LCPS FB page as “Timothy Smith”. I’m just some guy with a computer and

5/19/21: New LCPS Student Bias Incident Portal (video of submitting incident)

“Dear LCPS students, At LCPS, we are committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment in which every student feels included, valued, and affirmed. To help us in achieving that goal, LCPS has created an opportunity for students to anonymously share their stories of bias experienced within LCPS. A bias incident is an act of discrimination, harassment, or

5/19/21: LCPS Upcoming Required Teacher Training: “Black Students Matter”. Do Not Trust LCPS Superintendent’s Propaganda. He is Trying to Indoctrinate YOU!!

The slide deck below will be used in upcoming REQUIRED LCPS teacher training as part of LCPS’s “Culturally Responsive Framework”. The slide deck is for “Culturally Responsive Teaching”, notice this acronym is CRT? When people lie constantly, they can’t keep up with what they have said. Take a look at what Superintendent ZEigler put out


Superintendent ZEigler released an update today about “Rumors concerning LCPS Equity work”. This is his earth shattering response to the barrage of negative national news regarding LCPS teaching CRT he eluded to a few months ago? For those paying attention, today’s “update” isn’t an update at all. ZEigler and his handlers simply copied and pasted

5/19/21: Critical Race Theory’s Battle In The Burbs (Loudoun) Great Article

A Virginia county becomes ground zero in the fight against wokeness, complete with lies, blacklists, and creeping authoritarianism. Loudoun County in Northern Virginia, about an hour northwest of Washington, D.C., is known for being the wealthiest place in America, but there’s more to it than that. Towns like Sterling and Ashburn bear all the hallmarks

5/18/21: How Bad Is Indoctrination in Loudoun County Public Schools….For Middle School Students? Really Bad

This is truly despicable, but what we’ve come to expect from Loudoun County Public Schools, Equity Commandos, and the NAACP. The deniers will say this isn’t indoctrination at all. However, PACT noticed otherwise (see quotes below). The (6) slide deck images are from a LCPS Middle School based on “The Look”. Take note of the

5/17/21: Calling All LCPS Parents: Middle School Diverse Initiative Book Selection In Process!!!

If any parent in Loudoun County was appalled by the wonderful literature that LCPS, now is the time to hit them up with FOIA, after FOIA, after FOIA (Freedom of Information Act requests). LCPS has selected a team of (36) middle school teachers, administrators, and of course members of the Equity Commando squad. They’ve created

5/17/21: Racial Consultants Took PPP Loans Intended For Struggling Businesses Despite Industry’s Boom

Make no mistake, LCPS was setting up their Equity garbage the entire time our kids were in lockdown. Racial consultants are a big part of the Grievance Industry, just like The Equity Collaborative that LCPS gave $500,000 to, and just like the NAACP. They’re all race hustlers trying to turn us against each other Prominent

5/17/21: HUGE Update On Denise Corbo Misrepresenting Cornerstone Chapel’s “Praying for LCPS” Read Corbo The Watch/Listen to Pastor Gary From SAME Sermon (video)

Denise Corbo is a disgusting liar using the church to make publicly misleading comments. Share this far and wide, expose her for who and what she is. Read What Corbo Wrote and Then Listen to What Pastor Gary, from Cornerstone Chapel Has to Say, Very Different.

5/17/21: What Did One LCPS School Board Member Say to Anoter? “Pssst, LCPS Accused of Teaching CRT, Do You Know What That Is?”

Over the past year PACT has seen, exposed, and watched some really stupid things come out of LCPS, but this even surprised us a little. The very first thing that comes to mind is why in God’s name would Denise Corbo seek advice/answers from Beth Barts? Anyways, on March 23, 2021 (just 2 months ago),

5/16/21: “So God Made a Farmer” and Loudoun County Public Schools Made a “Virtual Safe Space’

It’s amazing how far the US has strayed. The video of Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” is a basic reminder of hard-work, worship, caring, commitment, and dedication that used to exist across our country and our schools. Now we have people like Andrea Weiskopf, Beth Barts, and some lady with purple hair AND

5/16/21: LCPS Board Member Denise Corbo Uses Church to Make First Public Comments About Negative National News

If you read Denise “Typhoid” Corbo’s comments below and then analyze it a bit, it actually does say a darn thing: Pastor Gary from Cornerstone Chapel prays for everyone, that’s part simply part of being a Pastor, well except Michelle Thomas. Pastor is a man of God and he carry’s the message of love and

5/16/21: Barts Says Other Loudoun County Public School Board Member is an Attorney So All Is Ok, Nothing to See Here

I do not doubt that Atoosa Reaser, another LCPS board member is an attorney. I don’t know her, and for whatever reason, I’ll take BLM Barts at her word. However, what kind of attorney is she, slip and fall? This is an important question because LCPS has used the US Constitution as toilet paper, and


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