“God, Grant Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change, Courage to Change the Things I Can, and Wisdom to Know the Difference”

On September 18th, 2020 P.A.C.T went “live”. Little did we know that our intent to simply create awareness about LCPS and CRT would, in (19) days, blossom into a movement that has garnered international attention, formed partnerships and created alliances with some of the most prominent organizations, researchers and media in the country.

P.A.C.T. is By the Parents, of the Parents and for the Parents, Kids, Community and Country. There is no question that none of this would be possible without the people paying attention to what is happening to our country, educational systems and work environments. I am deeply indebted to everyone that has shared comments & concerns, provided examples of CRT in our kids classrooms, shared our website and have made donations to our newly created GoFundMe Campaign. This is a monumental fight, but as long as we have God and determination on our side, we will prevail, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

10-15-2020: P.A.C.T. Back in the News! Public Outcry Continues

 Corinne Murdock, The Virginia Star

10/6/2020: Aliscia Andrews Campaign Event “Moms for Aliscia Coalition”. Aliscia is running to oust Jennifer Wexton in VA’s 10th District on 11/3/2020
10/6/2020: An amazing night at the Aliscia Andrews campaign event! Hat’s off to the Loudoun GOP Women’s Club! It was a very well attended event and very well organized! Thank you for the opportunity to speak!
10/6/2020: P.A.C.T. Addressing crowd at Aliscia Andrews campaign event about CRT and CRT in LCPS

10-8-2020: Here Comes the P.A.C.T.! Equity Man Backs Off Anti-Free Speech Punishment

P.A.C.T. Addressing Equity Man & The Equity Gang on CRT in LCPS


P.A.C.T. Addressing Loudoun County GOP on the Equity Gang and CRT


P.A.C.T. At Aliscia Andrews Campaign Event_10-7-2020