October 2020: LCPS Teacher Equity Reflection “Survey” (yes this is for real)

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 October 2020: LCPS Teacher Equity Reflection “Survey”

Personally, I think it’s great that a school district took the time to create a survey for their teachers to reflect on the previous year and to determine their areas of strength. Improvement comes from feedback. However, LCPS’s teacher survey consisted of (13) questions (breakdown below):

  • There were (9) questions about race or racism.
  • There were (2) questions about poverty
  • There were (2) questions about gender identity

Keep in mind that there are no choices provided, just how much does a teacher agree with their agenda. They are nothing more than gotcha questions designed to enhance their equity narrative. There are duplicate questions across (2) different surveys (both surveys are below). As a parent, I personally find this is fricken OUTRAGEOUS, but it’s completely inline with what expect from LCPS, NAACP and MSAAC, which is NOT at all helpful to/for my kids. LCPS is completely corrupt and NAACP and MSAAC are radical racists. Unfortunately, we have (9) board members making $20,000/year, and one board member’s campaign was partially funded by the Tides Advocacy/Foundation, George Soros is there largest donor, Tides is Black Lives Matter “Financial Sponsor” and Tides Advocacy also funds money to Antifa. This board member was also endorsed by “Run for Something”, a radical progressive organization that is partnered with prominent liberal activists including Alicia Garza, founding member of BLM. None of this is conjecture or hyperbole, it’s all factual and all provable. P.A.C.T. will be releasing all of the details in the near future.

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